Region: Russian Federation

Lawful use of warning symbols is advised for trademarks registered in Russia

Trademark symbols enjoy many positives, namely in underlining the attractions of a particular product. However, they ought not to be used with unregistered marks, because there is a risk that doing so will misinform consumers

16 February 2022

NFTs: buyers beware! The view from Russia

Purchasers of an NFT linked with a specified digital art piece ought to be aware of that piece’s IP rights, to avoid facing infringement claims from third parties in Russia

09 February 2022

Morality clauses in the era of social media scandals: what brands should know

In a social media-driven world, it is imperative that morality clauses are effectively drafted to safeguard the public image of a company’s brand. In Russia, there are several provisions by which a morality clause may be enforced to achieve this aim.

02 February 2022

IP Court clarifies what constitutes token use for trademarks vulnerable to non-use

Russian owners may claim token use to prevent their trademarks being cancelled. However, whether this will be regarded as sufficient evidence of use depends on market conditions and business practices.

12 January 2022

Russia approves radical new anti-counterfeiting plans

A decisive new strategy looks set to transform the war on fake goods in Russia. The measures will extend landlord liability for counterfeits and will initially apply to priority sectors only – although there are already discussions underway about extending them.

24 November 2021

How to successfully navigate exclusions in Russian patent law

While Russian patent law identifies which objects are excluded from patentability, not all exclusions are straightforward. A deep dive into a recent case study provides useful guidance for this murky area.

03 November 2021

Why a Russian patent injunction against 61 Samsung handset models could be a gamechanger

Exclusive analysis on the expansive legal theory used to bar use of Samsung Pay service and dozens of Galaxy smartphones

01 November 2021

How to register on the Eurasian Patent Organisation’s new Pharmaceutical Register

The creation of a new Pharmaceutical Register earlier this year is a significant boost for the Eurasian life sciences space and should provide a higher level of transparency for players across the sector.

27 October 2021

The Eurasian trademark system creates new opportunities for brand owners

Following the creation of the Eurasian Economic Union, a trademark registration system has been implemented for member states. With easier registration procedures and lower fees, this system will encourage brands to seek proper protection for their marks.

13 October 2021

What you need to know about non-use trademark cancellation actions in Russia

Non-Russian rights holders often find the country’s non-use cancellation procedure confusing. Fortunately, trademark professionals in the country have put together some useful information for those considering filing their marks there.

25 August 2021

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