Region: Romania

Effective use of the Patent Cooperation Treaty

Featured in IAM Yearbook: Building IP value in the 21st century 2020

03 October 2019

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong: Romania in the spotlight

Featured in IAM Yearbook 2019

The new EU trademark legislative reform has affected certain areas of EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) practice.

26 September 2018

Clarifications on the status of well-known trademarks

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In Romania, Law 84/1998 (as republished) transposes the EU Trademarks Directive (2008/95/EC) into domestic law. However, the Romanian legislature did not approve the term ‘approximation of laws’ under the directive, with particular regard to the…

12 October 2017

New regulations speed up preliminary measures

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The new Code of Civil Procedure, which came into force on February 15 2013, introduced a series of changes to the domestic legal regime, with the aim of eliminating inconsistent court practice and ensuring speedy settlement of cases. Among the…

12 October 2016

Good news for SEP owners, growing NPE interest, EPO turmoil, UPC progress & more - Europe's IP market in 2015

Following on from my colleagues identifying the big stories and trends in both the Asian and US IP markets in 2015, it is my job to do the same with Europe. Having spent a bit of time thinking about this, I can’t identify anything really huge that…

20 December 2015

Vringo's $21.5 million global settlement with ZTE reflects the IP market's new realities

US PIPCO Vringo announced late yesterday that its Vringo Infrastructure subsidiary had reached a litigation settlement and licence agreement with Chinese telecoms major ZTE, bringing to an end a sprawling, multi-jurisdictional and at times…

08 December 2015

Prohibition of trademark use based on absolute grounds for refusal

Featured in IAM Yearbook 2016 – Building IP value in the 21st century

This chapter considers whether it is possible to prohibit – and possibly penalise – the use of trademarks that infringe the absolute grounds for refusal of registration set out in the Law on Trademarks and Geographical Indications (84/1998), where…

23 October 2015

Use it or lose it: trademark revocation for non-use

Revocation of a trademark on grounds of non-use is possible where the trademark has ceased to function as an indication of origin for a product or service. The right attached to a trademark and granted to the mark owner thus subsists and survives only to the extent that the trademark is actually used within a reasonable period following registration.

12 November 2014

Combating counterfeiting in Romania

In recent years, the global trade in counterfeit goods has boomed, particularly in transit countries where such goods enter the EU market, such as Romania. Identifying the real origin of counterfeit goods is a complex issue for Romanian Customs, since it requires a high level of vigilance and constant safeguarding of the entire Romanian territory from potential counterfeit products.

04 June 2014

Impact of code changes on IP disputes

During the past three years Romanian legislation has undergone significant changes, which has had a major effect on IP rights. Considering that entirely new codes are being enacted and are entering into force, the changes are of paramount importance since they govern a wide array of legal issues governing IP rights.

09 April 2014

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