No merit to Philippine patent office corruption claim

Rejected application does not show examiner foul play, but does reveal how one inventor planned to obtain royalties from an auto distributor

No merit to Philippine patent office corruption claim


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29 Nov 2019

Patents in Asia-Pacific 2019/2020: Southeast Asia

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23 Oct 2015

Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines: practice updates

A robust IP regime is vital to the promotion of creativity, the facilitation of technology transfer and the effective enforcement of IP rights. This chapter summarises recent policy and procedural changes implemented by the Intellectual Property…

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2 Sep 2015

IPOPHIL takes steps towards IP financing framework

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHIL) has taken initial steps towards enabling the monetisation of IP assets in the Philippines by holding the High-Level Forum on IP Financing. It is hoped that the forum and future IPOPHIL directives will help local rights holders to attract foreign investors into the country.

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22 Apr 2015

Philippines launches first online IP marketplace

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines has launched the country's first online IP marketplace. IP Depot is a digital platform which promotes IP assets for potential commercialisation opportunities. It was established to give owners of patented inventions, registered trademarks, copyright and industrial designs a forum to showcase their IP assets to the world.

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15 Jan 2014

Court of Appeals says no to field trials of genetically modified aubergines

In a September 2013 decision which has alarmed the joint foreign chambers of commerce, universities and scientists in the Philippines, the Court of Appeals issued a permanent injunction against the conduct of field trials for genetically engineered aubergines on biosafety grounds.

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16 Jul 2014

Non-compete clauses in licensing agreements

Most licensing agreements – particularly those involving the sharing of trade secrets, know-how, confidential information and other IP rights – contain post-termination non-compete clauses to prevent injury to the licensor. The Documentation Information and Technology Transfer Bureau of the IP Office of the Philippines has held that such clauses can apply for only one year.

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