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Oracle and Apple won IPR stays from US Judge Albright and others. Can you?

In a recent trend, even those US district courts that loathe to stay litigation are scrutinising PTAB institution decisions when assessing whether an IPR will simplify litigation

10 October 2023

5G patent ownership is increasingly fragmented

Meanwhile, the 5G race continues to be dominated by Chinese companies, according to a report by IPlytics

10 October 2023

Netflix is facing injunctions in Germany and Brazil, but what of its US patent litigation record?

As legal pressure mounts internationally against the video streaming service, we did a deep dive on Docket Navigator to see Netflix’s patent litigation history in the US

09 October 2023

US patent eligibility bill will level the playing field for US innovators

Saturday Opinion: Chief IP officers should be acutely aware of this legislation’s profound implications, especially for medical devices, AI, and healthcare

07 October 2023

Apple’s “aggressive” trade secrets enforcement in Rivos case fuels noncompete clause debate

The chip startup is accusing Apple of using the DTSA to circumvent noncompete regulations in California

04 October 2023

Blockchain patent assets are hot but hard to find on the secondary market

Data indicates the start of an uptrend in blockchain portfolios for sale but supply is still too low to meet the needs of would-be buyers from a multitude of industries

03 October 2023

Critical advice on crafting a successful IP strategy in an evolving legal environment

Given the challenges in the US patent system and world markets, companies must follow comprehensive IP strategies that align IP investment with business goals – and consider the competition

03 October 2023

Inventor firm’s $339M windfall from Google tops ranking of US patent jury verdicts in Q3

Touchstream Technologies’ victory is one of 17 jury verdicts that issued in 2023’s third quarter and 59% of them favoured patentees – but Q3 damages values dropped compared to Q1 and Q2

02 October 2023

Trade secret litigation soars in the life sciences industry

Trade secrets surge ahead in the age of the DTSA due to evolving IP terrain and rising patent litigation risks

02 October 2023

Prospect of European SEP regulation looms large in US policy debate

During a recent Washington DC event, SEP holders and standards implementers clashed about the European Commission’s draft proposal – and how the US should respond

29 September 2023

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