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Two critical takeaways from VLSI’s appellate loss of patent mega-verdict

The Federal Circuit reverses and vacates $2.54 billion jury verdict but opens the door for VLSI to make another run at a 10-figure damages recovery

25 January 2024

US patent eligibility reform bill hearing reveals deep dividing lines

Senators and witnesses before the US Senate Judiciary Committee's subcommittee on intellectual property called for Section 101 reform detractors to remove hurdles and propose improvements to the Patent Eligibility Reform Act of 2023

24 January 2024

Specialist Chapter: Procuring Patent Protection for AI Inventions

Featured in The Patent Prosecution Review 2024

Obtaining patents for AI technologies presents unique challenges under the current legal framework in the United States, particularly when it comes to meeting Section 101 eligibility requirements, because AI technologies often involve software and mathematical algorithms. The uncertainty in the current state of Section 101 law is largely attributed to the two-step Alice framework. Mere distinctions from a human brain may not suffice for AI claims’ eligibility.

24 January 2024

Race to the bottom with top-down approach in FRAND rate setting for SEPs

In the week that the European Commission’s proposed SEP policy faces a crucial vote, WiseHarbor founder Keith Mallinson analyses the risks of taking an aggregate-based approach

23 January 2024

PTAB cases lowest in five years

In cases terminated in 2023, more than half of them were granted at institution

22 January 2024

J&J’s innovative enforcement strategy confronted by antitrust challenge

Assertion of patent obtained in $6.5 billion deal was anti-competitive, says lawsuit

22 January 2024

NPE wielding Intel patents scores settlements with TSMC, Samsung

Qualcomm is still battling litigation brought by Daedalus Prime in the US International Trade Commission

18 January 2024

Ravgen notches up another David-v-Goliath victory with $57 million damages award

But the outcome is bitter-sweet for the SME, which has faced many obstacles in its quest to enforce its foundational patents

18 January 2024

InterDigital scores new Samsung licence for TVs, monitors

An InterDigital-Sony joint licensing programme are the patent holders and Samsung has licensed rights to Wi-Fi, video codec, and ATSC 3.0 assets, but arbitration is ongoing about a mobile renewal

17 January 2024

US patent cases plummet by 18% in 2023

The disappearance of prolific NPEs drove filings down while trends in Delaware and the Western District of Texas have catapulted EDTX Chief Judge Rodney Gilstrap back to the top

15 January 2024

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