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Patent litigation finance works: no wonder some want it curtailed

The recent success of a UK SME in securing a $150 million payout from Samsung Electronics was made possible by backing from GLS Capital, a fact that exposes a big problem with the US justice system

09 February 2023

Oppo joins Via Licensing’s AAC patent pool

The smartphone manufacturer becomes the audio codec pool’s second-largest licensee from China, behind long-time member Xiaomi

08 February 2023

Patent strategies for protecting bioinformatics inventions

As bioinformatics and computational genomics companies push the boundaries of technology, it is important they overcome subject matter eligibility challenges to protect their innovations

08 February 2023

Smartphone sales plummet causing pain for SEP licensors

Some licensing businesses hurt more than others and their basic deal structure is the differentiator

07 February 2023

Boston Scientific ordered to hand University of Texas $42 million in David-versus-Goliath dispute

But patentee worried further action could ‘exhaust’ it as MedTech company moves to appeal

07 February 2023

Haynes and Boone bags most wins for PTAB petitioners while McKool Smith scores for patentees

Docket Navigator metrics show which firms filed the most cases in 2022 – and how they performed

06 February 2023

The fast-evolving cannabis patent dispute landscape

GW’s recent ANDA lawsuit is a landmark moment, but will remain untypical of cannabis IP litigation

06 February 2023

Are US companies embracing quality over quantity in the patenting race?

Saturday Opinion: IAM deputy editor Angela Morris confronts the claim that 2022 US patent grants may indicate American industry is slipping in the global innovation race

04 February 2023

UK R&D innovator to see 1,452% revenue boost from $150M Samsung settlement

Nanoco Group pockets $90 million after attorneys and a litigation finance firm are paid

03 February 2023

Neglect begets opportunity in femtech IP

Femtech entrepreneurs can take advantage of large empty spaces on the patent landscape to secure IP protection for their innovations

02 February 2023

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