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Case against FDA may shed light on long-running Orange Book uncertainty

Doubts over whether REMS patents can be listed could be clarified in a case brought by Avadel CNS Pharmaceuticals in Washington DC

30 August 2022

Five things to know about Judge Richard G Andrews

The District of Delaware judge’s share of US patent cases has been inching up ever since the random assignment of Albright’s docket

29 August 2022

Tell Judge Connolly about litigation finance and ownership structures – or else

The chief judge of the US District Court for the District of Delaware has taken action against two patent plaintiffs who did not comply with recent standing orders

27 August 2022

Huawei outspends rival telecoms innovators on R&D

Although the Chinese giant is currently number one, doubts have been raised as to whether its current levels of investment are sustainable

26 August 2022

Moderna sues Pfizer for patent infringement in the US and Germany over covid 19 vaccine

The company emphasises that it is not seeking injunctive relief and is only looking at sales the defendants have made since March of this year

26 August 2022

IPR estoppel has teeth in 2022

The Federal Circuit’s recent decisions represent the pendulum swinging to favour patent owners

25 August 2022

Multidistrict litigation in patent cases: a run-around on TC Heartland?

While there is a growing trend to use MDLs to circumvent the issue of venue, the US Code is clear that venue must be proper in the jurisdiction where the case is filed.

24 August 2022

New twist in IPRs of patents that secured $2.18 billion damages verdict against Intel

Documents supplied in the USPTO Director review of the case indicate petitioner sought payments from the chip maker as well as rights holder VLSI

23 August 2022

Covid court backlog triggered US ITC workload uptick, data suggests

Disputes increased the most in technology centres covering computers, semiconductors and networking while patent owners won favourable determinations in many cases

22 August 2022

Intel’s mega monetisation deal with IPValue may raise eyebrows but makes perfect sense

The chipmaker spawned the term “patent troll” and has been highly critical of NPEs, but negative business headwinds mean that putting its world-class portfolio of IP assets to work is a no brainer

19 August 2022

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