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Study finds hotly debated IEEE patent policy had no impact on Wi-Fi standard contributions

But while major licensors continue to participate in development of the wireless standard, many have done so while declining to adopt the 2015 rules

08 December 2021

Why Open RAN’s closed standards setting body could be bad for wireless innovation

The Long Read: The O-RAN Alliance is touted as a key initiative for furthering 5G deployment. Elisabeth Opie and Haris Tsilikas say its exclusive membership structure raises both IP and antitrust issues

08 December 2021

Post-assignment validity challenges: limits to the doctrine of assignor estoppel and implications of Minerva

The judgment of the US Supreme Court in Minerva Surgical, Inc v Hologic, Inc regarding the limitations of the doctrine of assignor estoppel sheds light on best practices for transactions and due diligence.

08 December 2021

Major US and UK SEP/FRAND reviews will have global licensing impact

Biden administration flags revised policy statement that rolls-back on original 2019 version, while the British government begins development of post-Brexit approach

07 December 2021

Albright preliminary injunction award could attract further requests

Data from Docket Navigator shows plaintiffs in US patent cases rarely request such relief and judges rarely grant them when they do

06 December 2021

“I am a strong believer in patents,” Albright’s pick for US magistrate judge tells IAM

An analysis on Docket Navigator shows that Longview litigator Derek Gilliland has represented patent owners 97% of the time, with key clients including Intellectual Ventures

03 December 2021

CAFC tees up patent fight over multi-billion-dollar Moderna covid revenues

Arbutus Biopharma’s shares soar in anticipation of mRNA jab royalty lawsuit after Federal Circuit ruling

03 December 2021

Federal Circuit confirms Biogen’s multi-billion dollar Tecfidera patent disaster

In a split decision, the CAFC has upheld a decision that cut short the exclusivity of the company’s best-selling product by eight years

02 December 2021

Vidal looks all set to lead the USPTO after confident Senate hearing

In a strong display, the Biden administration's choice to lead the agency addressed Section 101 reform and Fintiv discretionary denials, but may have left a hostage to fortune on SEP/FRAND

02 December 2021

Corporate tech transfer is on the rise, say chief IP officers

Convergence is making partnerships more important, with deals including not just licensing but also know-how, source code and technical support

01 December 2021

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