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Chief IP officers must support more female lead patent counsel in their cases

Opinion: Over Baker Botts partner Rachael Lamkin’s 20-year IP litigation career she has observed a gross lack of female lead litigators in patent cases, but she and peers are pushing for change

26 August 2023

How to avoid the Section 101 pitfall in blockchain patenting

Blockchain innovators must show they’re improving existing technology, shows one of the first US court rulings addressing patent subject matter eligibility in the sector

25 August 2023

‘We want to de-risk the CRISPR-Cas9 patent minefield’, says Sigma-Aldrich IP licensing boss

IAM speaks exclusively to Christopher Arnot about the crowded CRISPR IP landscape

25 August 2023

Biosimilars and biologics litigation in the United States

Featured in The Guide to Life Sciences: Key issues for senior life sciences executives 2023

Whether the new Inflation Reduction Act will protect and foster the growing biosimilar market remains to be seen, but litigation in the biosimilars space has already transformed the landscape, making it increasingly difficult to navigate for biopharma companies and IP professionals.

25 August 2023

US district court rules art must have 'human authorship' to merit copyright protection

Court sides with Copyright Office in first AI art ruling in case brought by Dr Stephen Thaler of DABUS fame, but questions linger when it comes to computer-generated works and copyright protection

24 August 2023

The problem with IP valuation

Most patents and trademarks have little to no external worth. There is nothing to support the idea that a large body of assets exists that can be used by their owners to raise money against

24 August 2023

Meet Meta’s patents team, in which diversity strengthens strategy, acquisitions and licensing

Through a series of exclusive interviews with IAM, Meta’s patents, licensing and open-source leaders take us inside their patent strategy

23 August 2023

Judge Newman’s injunction request to proceed in US district court as she fights removal from cases

The court set a briefing schedule for Newman’s request for a preliminary injunction to restore her case assignments, but in the Federal Circuit’s disciplinary proceeding, judges are considering suspending her for a year

22 August 2023

Halliburton and US Well Services go to trial

Docket Navigator data shows the patent litigation track record of the pair and the case outcomes of their lead patent counsel

21 August 2023

US appellate court’s ruling over design drawings sends a strong message to trade secret owners

Companies who spend vastly on R&D must have adequate protection in place when seeking patents, with ample evidence for demonstrating that

18 August 2023

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