Region: North America

A guide to patent litigation funding disclosure in the US

Chief Judge Colm Connolly’s court in Delaware has a strict mandate, and elsewhere, regulations vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction

30 January 2024

Volatile capital markets, M&A slump hitting patent valuation practices

Patent valuation software-as-a-service firm IPwe Inc has filed for bankruptcy while IP executives at Aon Intellectual Property Solutions have lost jobs

30 January 2024

Specialist Chapter: A Primer on US Litigation When It Comes to Software Patents

Featured in The Patent Litigation Review 2024

Subject-matter eligibility under 35 USC Section 101, means-plus-function construction under 35 USC Section 112, questions of joint infringement for the sale of the accused software and line-drawing between US infringement and extraterritorial activities are posing unique challenges in US software patent litigation.

30 January 2024

Fewer ITC cases in 2023, but more headlines due to Apple Watch saga

More than half the complaints involved Chinese companies, suggesting corporations are concerned with the “world’s factory”

29 January 2024

Balancing innovation protection and promotion at 3D metal printer Seurat Technologies

IP Manager Laura Daly speaks to IAM about how she has developed the trade secrets strategy at the additive manufacturing company

29 January 2024

Specialist Chapter: Trends and Strategies in Global Pharma and Biotech Patent Litigation

Featured in The Patent Litigation Review 2024

International patent protection is now part-and-parcel for any significant drug or therapeutic, and, as a result, disputes over patent ownership and infringement now regularly implicate a myriad of related laws across international venues. In recent years, there has been a trend towards more complex and high-stakes global patent disputes in the pharmaceutical industry, including parallel litigation across multiple jurisdictions.

29 January 2024

Get ready for IPBC Global 2024: agenda now online

This year, we are welcoming USPTO Director Kathi Vidal to the world’s foremost gathering of senior thought leaders and decision makers operating in the global IP market

27 January 2024

Meet the first chief IP officer of US patent licensing firm Adeia

As Joseph Guiliano gears up to fuel Adeia’s aggressive patent portfolio growth plan, here are his views on forming close relationships with R&D peers and ensuring quality over quantity

26 January 2024

Case Spotlight: Five-year fintech fight ends in trade secrets settlement

A protracted case between SRS Acquiom and PNC Bank ended in an eleventh hour settlement as the prospect of a jury trial loomed

26 January 2024

Two critical takeaways from VLSI’s appellate loss of patent mega-verdict

The Federal Circuit reverses and vacates $2.54 billion jury verdict but opens the door for VLSI to make another run at a 10-figure damages recovery

25 January 2024

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