Region: North America

US judges are warning implementers to take FRAND negotiations seriously, or else

Due to Samsung’s bad-faith FRAND negotiation tactic, “what they awarded us was dramatically more per unit than our settlement offers”, says Jason Sheasby, G+ Communications’ attorney

14 February 2024

Lenovo tests new SEP litigation tactics with UK and UPC actions

Implementers are exploring the limits of the London courts’ approach to global rate-setting

14 February 2024

Docket Navigator and IAM Litigation Report Q4 2023

Patent cases hit 10-year low point while the Western District of Texas was knocked off the most popular patent court top spot

14 February 2024

BREAKING: Avanci signs up General Motors to 5G platform

First US brands join the 5G-era programme

13 February 2024

Significant rulings emerge in Federal Circuit Judge Pauline Newman disability proceeding

Most claims were dismissed but Judge Newman’s lawsuit will proceed on three facial constitutionality challenges to the judicial conduct and disability act

13 February 2024

The file-and-dismiss patent assertion entity suing Verizon, AT&T, Ericsson

RecepTrexx has filed 35 district court cases in nine months, but some of them don’t even last a week

12 February 2024

Patents make it easier to watch the Super Bowl and keep players safe

Saturday Opinion: Fans may not care about patents, but IAM does, so we’re commemorating innovations on helmets that may reduce concussions, collapsible goal posts, graphic enhancements, and more

10 February 2024

US trade secret litigation trends in 2023: Central District of California keeps the top spot

Docket Navigator data shows 5% YOY growth in federal trade secret filings in the United States

09 February 2024

Using insurance to plug the trade secret protection gap

IAM asked IP insurance providers and brokers about the burgeoning market for protecting confidential information and how to spot a good policy

09 February 2024

OpenSky sanctions reignite debate over PTAB reform

Attorneys say Intel reaping the benefits, while VLSI is left to pick up the pieces, sends mixed message about integrity of IPR process

08 February 2024

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