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Breakthrough in TRIPS covid waiver negotiations – here’s what you need to know

There are reports of a compromise deal agreeed by the US, EU, India and South Africa, but no official confirmation

16 March 2022

Ocado IP head hails key ITC win as global patent battle against AutoStore moves to the UK

“We are going in on a high – with a positive feeling,” says Lucy Wojcik on the eve of the London face-off with its online grocery rival

15 March 2022

Final Humira settlement proves effectiveness of AbbVie patent strategy

Alvotech’s AVT02 will not enter the US market until July 2023

15 March 2022

Unified Patents' IPR filings shrink, but case outcomes show impact on NPEs

Unified Patents struggles more than others to get IPRs instituted, Docket Navigator data reveals, but when it does, the firm has the third-highest win rate among the top 10 PTAB petitioners

14 March 2022

Judge Kathleen O’Malley reveals inner thoughts on 101, PTAB reforms, patent injunctions and more

“I believe that there's a lot wrong with our IP system” Judge O’Malley tells IAM in an exclusive interview as she steps down from the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit after 12 years to re-enter private practice and contribute to policy discussions

11 March 2022

IPR filer denies VLSI’s allegation of ‘fraud’ in settlement discussion email

OpenSky’s attorney says it built its offer from VLSI’s own settlement proposal and claims that publishing the correspondence in PTAB docket violated a confidentiality agreement

10 March 2022

Oppo suit in Guangzhou sets up next chance for global FRAND ruling in China

Chinese smartphone vendor selects Guangzhou IP Court for rate-setting case to counter InterDigital’s SEP claims around the world

09 March 2022

Three tools for companies to incentivise their patent law firms to increase diversity

Capturing creativity from the entire population would lead to more and better innovation, yet the patent profession lags on diversity. Chief IP officers can act now to make progress, writes Burford Capital Managing Partner Katharine Wolanyk

08 March 2022

Volkswagen takes 4G Avanci licence, resolving patent lawsuits in Virginia and Munich

The German OEM was already a 2G/3G licensee and now its 4G Avanci deal will wipe out litigation by two platform licensors, Acer and IP Bridge

08 March 2022

Medical device maker is latest to tap secondary market for wireless patents

A recent deal shows that a wider selection of corporates are exploring acquisition opportunities and working with custom R&D labs

08 March 2022

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