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Trade secret developments that chief IP officers need to know about as they grapple with ‘Great Resignation’

With surveys showing one in four employees plan to quit in 2022, and remote work continuing, litigation and legislative trends may lead to a trade secret enforcement re-think

24 February 2022

California pay-for-delay ruling creates new pharma patent settlement headaches

Dispute resolution teams will want to steer clear of the sunshine state following a recent federal court decision

24 February 2022

Patent transactions in Q4 2021

Featured in Secondary Market Activity

Numbers were up from 1,587 to 1,654 between 2020 and 2021, with the biggest Q4 deal involving IBM and the Open Invention Network

23 February 2022

To sell or to license: how to choose the right strategy to commercialise technology rights

There are a number of issues to consider when transferring rights in a technology to another entity. Whether a company opts to sell or license, awareness of the local rules in which the transfer will take place is vital

23 February 2022

Samsung slams “betrayal of trust” by former IP head

Korean company files trade secret and conspiracy counterclaims against Seungho Ahn, another former in-house counsel and the NPE with which they are asserting patents against their ex-employer

22 February 2022

Rovi’s IPR success in Comcast patent war gave it top PTAB ranking

Docket Navigator shows that petitions against the company were instituted just 42% of the time, making it the rights holder whose assets are the most difficult to challenge

21 February 2022

It could be March or April before the Senate confirms Vidal as USPTO Director

As the nominee waits for the vote, her legal practice continues and saw a significant loss in early February

18 February 2022

CAFC patent decision could have major implications for originators and generics

Five takeaways from a Federal Circuit majority decision declining to rehear en banc a skinny label dispute between GSK and Teva

17 February 2022

BlackBerry patent buyer set to become the world’s largest wireless networks NPE

New research indicates that Catapult IP is acquiring a portfolio of quality assets that can potentially be asserted against some very big names

17 February 2022

Dolby Labs IP head leaves to take charge at Via Licensing

After 15 years at the company, Heath Hoglund reflects on what he has achieved and looks forward to his next challenge

16 February 2022

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