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Five Federal Circuit rulings you can’t ignore from the first half of 2023

Chief IP officers must study new US precedent on enablement, IPR estoppel, design patent obviousness, third-party finance disclosure and attorney fee recovery

14 June 2023

Five key takeaways for patent owners from BMW’s victory against Stragent

Counsel for the car maker give their insight into winning the 13-year alleged infringement battle by securing a covenant not to sue

14 June 2023

Illinois trade secret dispute proceeds on theory of inevitable disclosure

In theory, parties can seek relief for trade secret misappropriation before it even happens. When faced with possible misappropriation, trade secret owners should carefully review applicable NDAs and consider pleading both misappropriation and threatened misappropriation, and building a substantial, detailed evidence record.

14 June 2023

Guide to critical US patent policy developments on artificial intelligence so far in 2023

AI patent inventorship issues are front and centre in a USPTO request for comments, but the US Supreme Court rejected an appeal on the question

13 June 2023

Cedar Lane and IP Edge’s US patent lawsuits drop dramatically

We’ve predicted that the volume of US district court patent cases will see a steep decline this year - and the data shows two prolific non-practicing entities have paused filing suits

12 June 2023

The Inventor’s Patent Academy is a creativity catalyst

Saturday Opinion: Qualcomm’s General Counsel Ann Chaplin speaks about the importance of diversity for driving innovation and how you can participate

10 June 2023

Realtek sues MediaTek, IPValue over “secret litigation bounty” patent licence agreement

California-based monetisation firm IPValue Management and its NPE are caught in the crosshairs of antitrust litigation between the rival Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturers

08 June 2023

What the proposed EC SEP regulation might mean for US litigation

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub

The European Commission’s SEP proposal would transform the global SEP landscape, with uncertainty and near-term risk potentially pushing SEP holders towards US suits. If the regulation proceeds, future US litigation may well involve disputes over whether a non-binding expert opinion on aggregate royalty may be presented to a US jury.

08 June 2023

The greatest moments from the world’s greatest IP event

IPBC Global 2023 gets underway in San Diego next week. While each of the 14 so far held has been very special, there are five that particularly stand out

08 June 2023

Patent families sold for $83,000 average in latest AST IP3 sale

One patent seller seeking $1 billion didn’t find a buyer among the likes of AST members Cisco, Google and Microsoft, however, 36 deals were done which garnered $3.12 million

07 June 2023

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