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Intentional connection, innovation incentives key to growing monetisable patent portfolio

Dolby Laboratories’ director of IP strategy and operations provides best practices for building valuable patent and trademark portfolios against a backdrop of global crises

08 September 2022

USPTO director seeks to drive US patent standards participation

Kathi Vidal says the agency is working with NIST and the Biden administration to build strategies that will lead to greater involvement

07 September 2022

Computer, communication and e-commerce patent cases on the rise at PTAB

New IAM and Docket Navigator litigation report reveals key trends, including declining semiconductor asset challenges

06 September 2022

Aerospace and defence firm CIPOs should seize patent acquisition opportunities

Just 7% of 300 failed start-ups transferred their IP, leaving more than 500 innovative patents to expire, according to a research report

06 September 2022

How General Plastic changed the PTAB serial petition landscape

Docket Navigator data shows court cited the precedential case in 603 institution decisions with a 34% institution denial rate from October 2017 to now

05 September 2022

Launching IP strategy for a 3D-printed space rocket company

Since January, Bridget Smith has been busily creating patenting and trade secrets programmes to protect Relativity’s specialist technologies

02 September 2022

Diversity, equity & inclusion matter: a son’s perspective

P&G’s John M Lipchitz reflects on an employment discrimination case in Massachusetts involving his mother

02 September 2022

The dangers of patent counting to assess technology leadership

Former USPTO Director Andrei Iancu warns that the US is facing “a new Sputnik moment”, but he and others at an online event caution against reading too much into raw numbers

01 September 2022

Allergan scores victory in trailblazing US patent fraud whistle-blower suit

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal puts the breaks on whistleblower’s attempts to show deception in company’s dealings with the USPTO

01 September 2022

$600 million BlackBerry patent deal still alive despite exit of key financial backer

Third Eye Capital syndicate due to provide $400 million for the purchase of the portfolio pulls out, but replacements are said to be on hand

31 August 2022

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