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Case spotlight: Takeaways from the Kansas State University Foundation’s dismissal of trade secret misappropriation allegations

The challenge of correctly identifying a trade secret is highlighted in a case involving a group of defendants, including Kansas State University’s philanthropic arm

05 December 2023

Northern California, New Jersey judicial nominees advance to Senate vote

Chief IP officers with patent cases pending before these two important US district courts will want to study the patent litigation track records of Judges Eumi K Lee and Edward S Kiel

04 December 2023

AI may be a ‘double-edged sword’, but it could make trade secrets more valuable than ever

IAM’s trade secret reporter Maia Biermann reflects on her recent trip to San Francisco and the discussions about how AI will impact IP strategy

02 December 2023

Lenovo, Amazon take licences to HEVC pool by Access Advance

Dell is another new licensee while on the patent holder side, BlackBerry has joined HEVC Advance. Does it show HEVC is spreading and the pool landscape has consolidated?

01 December 2023

$210 million jury verdict against Tata Consultancy Services highlights the potential pitfalls in hiring staff from competitors

CSC’s success in a Texas court provides takeaways on trade secrets policies and litigation strategy

30 November 2023

AbbVie’s assertion of Rinvoq patent thicket echoes Humira disputes strategy

Recent lawsuits demonstrate that large pharma patent estates are not limited to biosimilar disputes

30 November 2023

A Closer Look at Patent Registration Strategies

Featured in Inside India’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

While India is emerging as a global player in innovation, it falls behind other major economies in terms of the number of patent filings. To ensure that progress continues, applicants must consider India’s IP market conditions and utilise them for effective registration.

30 November 2023

Michael Karson

Featured in Strategy 300 Global Leaders 2024

30 November 2023

Pallavi Shah

Featured in Strategy 300 Global Leaders 2024

30 November 2023

This is what IP looks like

The smartphone tells a powerful story. It’s one that can be deployed to spread the good news about the value of IP in an engaging, accessible way

30 November 2023

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