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Demonstrating trade secret value key in US database dispute

IP managers should pay attention to appellate court ruling which determined Risk Based Security failed to prove independent economic value

28 June 2023

US PTAB invalidation rates under the microscope as reform bill refiled

It’s true that patent holders rarely score a full win after a petition has been instituted, but the invalidation rate isn’t as high as some have said

26 June 2023

If Leahy’s PTAB bill was a dark night for patentees, Coons’ legislation is daylight

Saturday opinion: The proposal to reform the Patent Trial and Appeal Board could not be more pro-patentee compared to former Senator Patrick Leahy’s attempt last Congress

24 June 2023

Amgen continues to write biosimilars IP playbook with first-to-market Stelara settlement

Californian company secures pole position to launch ustekinumab variant, enjoying another biosimilar triumph

23 June 2023

BREAKING: US Senators Tillis and Coons re-file patent eligibility bill

The Patent Eligibility Restoration Act aims to repair damage from US jurisprudence that Tillis says “is undermining American innovation and allowing foreign adversaries like China to overtake us”

22 June 2023

Patent transactions in Q1 2023

Featured in Secondary Market Activity

Allied Security Trust has released its latest patent deals report which tracked 371 transactions including the sale of 68 Intel assets to Daedalus Group

21 June 2023

Strategies for patent portfolio licensing enforcement at the ITC

The statute’s injunctive type relief is an attractive weapon to apply pressure to prospective licensees, as multiple litigation strategies demonstrate

19 June 2023

Via Licensing, MPEG-LA merger shows patent pools have come of age

Via Licensing Alliance’s novel patent pool merger and Avanci’s stunning success licensing the automotive sector serve as examples of a maturing patent pool marketplace

19 June 2023

Challenges and opportunities of utilising trade secrets to protect AI-generated innovations

Chief IP officers need a full understanding of deriving business value from trade secret protection on AI-generated inventions – and the pitfalls of AI’s use

16 June 2023

BREAKING: Meet the new owner of Canadian patent licensing company WiLAN

Former parent company Quarterhill gets a C$48 million cash payment now and keeps a 10% stake, and it will get more if WiLAN reaches revenue milestones

16 June 2023

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