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The way Kathi Vidal is using director review makes a lot of sense, says former top PTAB judge

The board is transparent, efficient… and frustrating for patent owners, says Scott Weidenfeller in an exclusive interview

25 November 2022

Design patent enforcers must mind procedural requirements for injunctive relief

Enforcing IP rights against China-based online counterfeiters has always been like ‘whack-a-mole’ and now the Federal Circuit has introduced a new hole into the game

24 November 2022

AbbVie’s Imbruvica victory at Federal Circuit adds to Humira successes

The company’s latest win means that its second highest selling drug will not face US competition for a decade

22 November 2022

Analog Devices, AMD settle after PTAB duel killed each other's patents

Docket Navigator research shows they fired 17 IPRs at each other and suffered casualties – but both also emerged with a gold-plated asset

21 November 2022

Renewed US Congress should seize chance to make IP policy impact

Saturday Opinion: A decade after the AIA entered into force the IP community is calling for – and may well see – substantial change

19 November 2022

Top US patent judge speaks up about random case assignments

Alan Albright tells IAM’s Patent Policy and Litigation USA 2022 event he is ‘hopeful’ litigants will not be dramatically impacted

18 November 2022

US Federal Trade Commission set to tighten screws on patent strategies

New policy statement likely to target pay-for-delay deals and sham litigation

18 November 2022

Revealed: US filing trends, patent verdicts and competitor litigation detente

The second instalment of the joint IAM-Docket Navigator US litigation report focuses on the most contentious technology centres in 2022’s third quarter

18 November 2022

US congressional election results are good omen for Section 101 reform efforts

Panellists at IAM’s Patent Policy and Litigation USA event are hopeful in view of Senator Chris Coons being poised to take leadership of the Senate IP Subcommittee

17 November 2022

The Defend Trade Secrets Act comes of age

Featured in Special Report 2022 Q4: Trade secret strategy playbook

16 November 2022

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