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Realtek sues MediaTek, IPValue over “secret litigation bounty” patent licence agreement

California-based monetisation firm IPValue Management and its NPE are caught in the crosshairs of antitrust litigation between the rival Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturers

08 June 2023

What the proposed EC SEP regulation might mean for US litigation

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub

The European Commission’s SEP proposal would transform the global SEP landscape, with uncertainty and near-term risk potentially pushing SEP holders towards US suits. If the regulation proceeds, future US litigation may well involve disputes over whether a non-binding expert opinion on aggregate royalty may be presented to a US jury.

08 June 2023

The greatest moments from the world’s greatest IP event

IPBC Global 2023 gets underway in San Diego next week. While each of the 14 so far held has been very special, there are five that particularly stand out

08 June 2023

Patent families sold for $83,000 average in latest AST IP3 sale

One patent seller seeking $1 billion didn’t find a buyer among the likes of AST members Cisco, Google and Microsoft, however, 36 deals were done which garnered $3.12 million

07 June 2023

Collapsed BlackBerry-Catapult patent sale sparks litigation, arbitration

Failed purchaser alleges it was ready to close and BlackBerry breached the patent sale agreement by opting for a new buyer. Now it’s trying to unwind that deal

06 June 2023

US patent case filings are falling – but the Eastern District of Texas bucks trend

The Marshall-based court would regain its crown as the country’s top patent court if these Docket Navigator case projections hold true

05 June 2023

The US needs a mandatory retirement age for federal judges

Saturday opinion: The allegations of cognitive decline against 95-year-old Federal Circuit Judge Pauline Newman are only the tip of the iceberg, and something needs to be done about it

03 June 2023

Case of Federal Circuit judge Pauline Newman throws lifetime tenure into the spotlight

Data shows it’s common for CAFC judges to serve past retirement age – just like the 95-year-old judge who denies allegations of cognitive decline impacting her work

02 June 2023

Northern District of Texas judge cautions against ChatGPT-generated legal briefs

US District Judge Brantley Starr may oversee only small numbers of patent, trade secret, trademark and copyright cases, but what if other judges follow suit?

01 June 2023

Embrace IP disruption or get left behind

The launch of the Unified Patent Court today is the latest development in a revolutionary period that is only just getting started and from which there is no escape

01 June 2023

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