Region: North America

Whose money? Patentee, accused infringer, and firm’s litigation funder fighting for slice of settlement

BMW seeks intervention in a complex dispute between NPE Arigna Technology and Longford Capital Fund, which financed Arigna’s law firm

29 February 2024

Amgen’s UPC battles could bring consolation at the end of decade-long PCSK9 war

The company will be looking to make up for the terrible reversal of fortunes it has suffered in long-running spat with Sanofi and Regeneron

29 February 2024

Hilco IP employment dispute involves high-profile US patent monetisers

The pending lawsuit involves long-time patent monetisation gurus John Veschi, Michael Friedman, and Hilco IP Merchant Bank

28 February 2024

Ping! You’ve been sued: Meet the NPE that’s widely asserting push notification patents

Since 2020, Push Data, an Equitable IP Corp entity, has been taking on major restaurants and retailers, and is upping the ante in 2024

26 February 2024

Cisco sued at UPC by third NPE to use new court

Atlantic IP Services entity Lionra Technologies has extended its enforcement efforts to the pan-EU forum

26 February 2024

Lessons from a leading trade secrets litigator

Morrison Foerster’s Bryan Wilson speaks to IAM about the DTSA and the challenges of bringing trade secrets cases to court

23 February 2024

Landmines for the unwary in the USPTO’s guidance on AI-assisted inventions

Chief IP officers and their patent prosecutors must brush up on ethical duties to disclose

23 February 2024

Kathi Vidal provides updates on six crucial US patent policy initiatives

In an exclusive interview, the USPTO Director touches on what’s next for the discretionary denial reforms, and reveals future rule-making efforts unfolding this year

22 February 2024

Adeia reports first full year of earnings on back of 32 patent licence deals

The media and semiconductor licensing company in San Jose, California, earned nearly $390 million in 2023 from licences with Samsung, Kioxia, Funai, Verizon, Starz, and more

21 February 2024

Fractus’ first IoT deal will hopefully drive further agreements, says SME’s licensing VP

IAM speaks exclusively to Jordi Ilario about the Catalan licensing business’s Vivint deal and ongoing projects

21 February 2024

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