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Intel’s mega monetisation deal with IPValue may raise eyebrows but makes perfect sense

The chipmaker spawned the term “patent troll” and has been highly critical of NPEs, but negative business headwinds mean that putting its world-class portfolio of IP assets to work is a no brainer

19 August 2022

Written description: a death knell to genus claims in biotechnology

Featured in IAM Life Sciences: Key issues for senior life sciences executives 2022

Recently, US courts have restricted the protections afforded to biotechnology by expanding the written description requirements. Regardless of whether this is intended to curb the perceived effect of patents on healthcare costs or to harmonise US patent law across technologies, the effect may be decreased investment in US biotechnology.

18 August 2022

Winning IP strategies for small and medium-sized biotechs

Featured in IAM Life Sciences: Key issues for senior life sciences executives 2022

With the advancement in technologies related to various life sciences fields, the world has seen a significant increase in the number of SMEs in different fields in the life sciences sector, such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. SMEs related to biotechnology have contributed to the global market by developing breakthrough products such as therapeutic bio drugs (peptides, antibodies, etc), biomedical devices (biofilms, etc) and diagnostic tools.

18 August 2022

Patent plaintiffs flee Waco after random WDTX case assignment order

The US District Court for the District of Delaware has seen a patent case surge as Judge Alan Albright’s docket shrinks

17 August 2022

Mysterious patent-purchasing biotech now embroiled in trade secrets dispute

New market entrant Terran Biosciences takes action against rival Compass Pathways in Maryland district court

17 August 2022

How Pure Storage generates – and demonstrates - ROI with its patents

The company may have a small IP team but it has consistently proved its worth over a number of years

17 August 2022

The sword, the shield, the olive branch – NuCurrent’s path to IP value creation

In an exclusive interview, the company’s CEO Jacob Babcock details its journey to becoming a technology licensing business

16 August 2022

A new wave of US biosimilar patent disputes begins

After a lull in biologic versus imitator disputes, Regeneron has sued Mylan and more litigation is likely to follow

16 August 2022

IPValue – the licensing business that rarely goes to court

Despite holding thousands of patents and being active for over 20 years, Docket Navigator data shows that the firm’s entities have filed just 32 litigation actions since 2008

15 August 2022

Musk v Twitter is a reminder that brands must be prepared for targeting by passionate fan bases

The unfolding legal dispute between the ubiquitous social media giant and the billionaire with 100 million followers is set to become the legal battle of the year when it hits court in October

13 August 2022

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