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European design protection – worth your money?

Featured in IAM Yearbook 2016 – Building IP value in the 21st century

Introduction Every company that spends money and resources on research, development and marketing for its products needs assurance that competitors (or other third parties) cannot take advantage of its innovation. Profiting from innovation…

23 October 2015

Nested claims before the EPO: pragmatic cosmetics or clarity-obstructing nuisance?

It has been said that the logo of the European Patent Office resembles the ideal method for drafting a set of patent claims: the broadest, most well-rounded claim should be in the centre, surrounded by additional layers of protection in the form of dependent claims. This can result in nested subject matter within the scope of the broadest claim. The result could be a set of nested claims – or could it?

14 October 2015

Global IP licensing and royalty fee numbers reveal the world's maker and taker economies

The latest edition of the Global Innovation Index (GII) was launched in London this week, offering a unique take on which global economies are ahead in ‘innovation-driven growth’. Put together by WIPO, INSEAD and Cornell University, the 400-page…

19 September 2015

The EPO staff union is doing its members no favours and is letting the office's management off the hook

As anyone whose family has been touched by the tragedy of suicide will tell you, it is a horrific experience to have to go though. Why, you constantly ask yourself. Shouldn’t we have noticed, could we have done more, was it something we did, were…

13 September 2015

Impartial to partial priorities: questions referred to EPO Enlarged Board of Appeal

The European Patent Convention hides a notorious concept known as ‘the inescapable trap’: if a granted claim involves added matter, there is no way to restore it except by shifting the scope of the patent – which in turn invalidates the patent. Recent European Patent Office practice suggests that there might be another way for patentees to shoot themselves in the foot: through ‘poisonous priority’.

02 September 2015

SKY trumps SKYPE – but not out of the blue

The General Court of the European Union recently confirmed that the trademarks SKY and SKYPE were confusingly similar. The decision is a setback for the popular Skype service, which allows users to call and chat over the Internet for free.

17 June 2015

Protecting personalised medicine at the EPO

Under Article 54(5) of the European Patent Convention (EPC) 2000, known substances or compositions are deemed to be novel if they are intended for specific use in a medical method and such use is not comprised in the state of the art (ie, second or…

17 June 2015

The patentability of stem cells in Europe

Stem cells have several applications with the potential for commercialisation. These range from unique services for customers (eg, a cell-based platform for drug cardiotoxicity testing for a pharmaceutical company) to a stem cell-based drug which is…

17 June 2015

For $37 billion, a semiconductor patent powerhouse is born - with its nerve centre in south-east Asia

After several days of rumours, it was confirmed yesterday that Singapore-incorporated electronics components manufacturer Avago Technologies has made an offer to acquire US semiconductor company Broadcom for $37 billion in what the Wall Street…

29 May 2015

Europe and Asia controlled LED lighting landscape looks like fertile ground for patent licensing and litigation

Earlier this week, IAM reported on Philips' sale of the majority of its LED lighting unit Lumileds to a Chinese-led investment consortium. The deal - which is expected to complete during the third quarter of this year, subject to conditions and…

17 April 2015

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