Region: Netherlands

Starting patent rights enforcement in Europe through a single action

As the Netherlands is an important gateway for products into Europe, obtaining patent protection in the Netherlands may offer a company a way to prevent infringing products entering the European market. In addition, trademark protection in the Netherlands can be equally important.

22 June 2016

Protection and enforcement of second medical use claims

Featured in IAM Life Sciences 2016

This chapter reviews recent developments at the European Patent Office (EPO) regarding the patentability of second or further medical use of substances or compositions, focusing on the Swiss-type claim and its successor, the purpose-limited product…

24 May 2016

Food for thought: protection and design of foodstuffs and packaging

Consumers come across food and drink products every day, and several times a day they must choose between the products of various suppliers. The distinguishing power and brand experience of these products and their packaging play a big role in these choices.

20 April 2016

EPO opposition: key players, key fields and the key to change

Opposition before the European Patent Office (EPO) is a powerful tool for challenging the validity of a granted European patent. It is a way of obtaining a central decision of a technically qualified board that applies in all countries in which the…

11 April 2016

"Zo. nu eerst": Yourhosting versus Bavaria

A court in The Hague has issued its judgment in a case launched by beer brewer Bavaria against Yourhosting. The court held that Bavaria’s slogan was protected by copyright. The fact that the slogan was “catchy” with a certain comic factor showed that the brewer had made its own creative choices.

06 April 2016

Registering an acronym as a trademark

Most trademarks consist of a word or a logo, but acronyms are also popular as trademarks. Before determining whether an acronym is suitable as a trademark, it is important to know what the acronym stands for, and particularly whether this is its usual meaning in the relevant sector.

10 February 2016

Is MEMORY a trademark for games?

In a recent decision the Court of Amsterdam held that word combinations used by online games provider Jaludo did not infringe Ravensburger’s MEMORY trademark, which has been used for a memory game since 1961. The court rejected Ravensburger’s case because Jaludo used the word 'memory' as a description of its games.

03 February 2016

GOUDKUIPJE versus GOEDCUPJE: comparing coffee to cheese

In recent proceedings Koninklijke Eru Kaasfabriek lost an opposition which it had filed against Goedcupje BV's application to register a trademark for the logo GOEDCUPJE. The Benelux Office for Intellectual Property held that the fact that both trademarks related to food was not enough because the foods in question were very different.

27 January 2016

Vringo's $21.5 million global settlement with ZTE reflects the IP market's new realities

US PIPCO Vringo announced late yesterday that its Vringo Infrastructure subsidiary had reached a litigation settlement and licence agreement with Chinese telecoms major ZTE, bringing to an end a sprawling, multi-jurisdictional and at times…

08 December 2015

Philips’ $3.3 billion China LED deal at risk over US national security concerns - UPDATED

Note that this blog has been updated following the receipt of further information relating to the transfer of patents as part of the deal under discussion. Philips’ proposed $3.3 billion sale of its Lumileds LED lighting business to a Chinese…

27 October 2015

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