Region: Malaysia

Protecting life sciences patents in Malaysia: enforcement of medical use claims

Certain subject matter is excluded from patentability under Section 13(1) of the Patents Act. As in many other major patent jurisdictions, in Malaysia, most of the excluded items relate to the life sciences. Among other things, Section 13(1)…

13 June 2017

Monetisation may be some way off, but SE Asian companies have many reasons to get serious about IP

Just a couple of weeks back, IAM reported on a Singapore government proposal which suggested that the city-state may consider attracting or creating its own IP commercialisation entities. During last Friday’s IPBC Southeast Asia – our first…

06 March 2017

US corporates see mixed IP progress across Southeast Asian markets; TPP may make things worse

IP Bridge CEO Shigeharu Yoshii told this blog in a recent interview that the improving IP infrastructure in the ASEAN countries has given his firm the confidence to pursue numerous IP-centric business opportunities in the region. In fact, the…

09 February 2017

IP Bridge expands patent fund activities beyond Japan to tap Southeast Asia's innovation promise

Back in October last year, Japanese sovereign patent fund (SPF) operator IP Bridge signed a memorandum of understanding with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). Under the terms of the deal, IP Bridge and MDEC – a Malaysian government agency…

31 January 2017

Patents in Asia 2016: Malaysia

Top legal experts in Malaysia answer a series of essential questions to provide key information about patent prosecution and litigation in the country for 2016

30 September 2016

Vringo's $21.5 million global settlement with ZTE reflects the IP market's new realities

US PIPCO Vringo announced late yesterday that its Vringo Infrastructure subsidiary had reached a litigation settlement and licence agreement with Chinese telecoms major ZTE, bringing to an end a sprawling, multi-jurisdictional and at times…

08 December 2015

Misinformation and misinterpretation abound as the TPP passes after years of wrangling

Negotiators from 12 Pacific Rim countries announced yesterday that they had reached agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade liberalisation pact covering 40% of the world’s economy which has proven controversial for, among other…

06 October 2015

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