Region: Latin America & Caribbean

What applicants need to know about double patenting in Mexico

New rules in play are undoubtedly an upgrade but still do not provide the clarity needed for both applicants and examiners

31 March 2023

Nokia strikes blow to Oppo with Brazilian injunction

Latin America’s largest country is playing an increasingly prominent role in SEP/FRAND disputes

17 February 2023

New head of Mexican IP office begins work amid IP community concerns

Director General José Sánchez Pérez meets with local lawyers to discuss enforcement and implementation of IP law

25 January 2023

Ericsson-Apple settlement came hot on the heels of landmark Brazilian ruling

Superior Court of Justice affirms right of SEP owners to preliminary injunctions

17 January 2023

Lula clears out Brazil IP office leadership

Move could see ‘temporary paralysis’ at INPI

12 January 2023

Brazil’s Supreme Court deals blow to rights holders on patent terms

A similar, separate case this year may still trigger a change of course, however

06 January 2023

Brazilian patent term decision quashed and other 2022 Latin America developments

IAM looks back at some key stories from Brazil and Colombia over the last 12 months

29 December 2022

Brazilian political about-turn could spell change for IP community

The election of Lula da Silva may have significant policy ramifications, including for patent professionals

08 December 2022

Brazilian Supreme Court gives hope to companies facing shortened patent terms

Patentees may be able to avoid the loss of exclusivity created by another recent top court decision

06 December 2022

Sustainable agriculture, green technologies and IP in Brazil

Featured in Global Patent Prosecution 2023

In view of an increasing demand of agricultural production of a growing global population, future sustainable land management requires understanding the delicate balance between production and conservation efforts while avoiding trade-offs.

02 December 2022

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