Region: Japan

China’s top filing firms enjoy huge growth, but those in Japan and Korea stall

Exclusive data analysis shows that the top Chinese prosecution practices are handling levels of work unmatched anywhere else in the world

02 July 2021

Tesla transactions show that patents matter in research collaboration and M&A

Recent recordals show the electric car maker has cut a deal with Panasonic, assimilated a large portfolio of solar rights and gained assets via M&A deals

16 June 2021

Bolstered by LG SEP acquisition, Japanese patent fund takes on the Nordics

IP Bridge lawsuits against Nokia and Ericsson confirm NPE’s focus on the wireless space

14 June 2021

Court win creates posterchild for Japan’s efforts to foster patent-savvy start-ups

An Osaka-based start-up prevailed against country’s most valuable retailer in a rare domestic IP fight

28 May 2021

Mitsubishi Electric steps up patent dealmaking activity

Japan’s biggest PCT filer has been selling off assets, spurring litigation in multiple sectors

27 May 2021

Japan – damage control

Featured in Special Report 2021 Q2: A new dance

27 May 2021

Implementer pools raised in latest Japanese SEP meetings

A study group convened by METI has also discussed the license-to-all principle and Avanci’s auto licensing efforts, minutes show

25 May 2021

Clash of major OLED competitors ends with a deal

JOLED, a Japanese consortium, and Samsung Display, the field’s dominant player, settle US lawsuits going both ways

21 May 2021

Wireless back to the fore for IP Bridge in multi-jurisdiction patent tangle with Huawei

Japanese fund’s first acquisition and first new litigation since going private have both centred on SEPs

11 May 2021

What the decline of a big patent buyer means for Chinese IP strategies

Rising US-China tensions create big supply chain risk that could dent mid-sized suppliers’ appetite for overseas acquisitions

23 April 2021

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