Region: Japan

Patent applications in Japan rebound after a steep drop in 2020

JPO reverses filing decline on the strength of robust international activity, as domestic entities continue to cut back

25 April 2022

Another dispute over battery tech patents emerges in China

Japan’s Maxell has been hit with court actions and patent invalidations in China by lithium ion battery supplier ATL

08 April 2022

JPO seeks to shore up revenues with fee hikes and rule change

Some key costs of doing business with the office have nearly doubled, and a new examination change could see applicants paying for more claims

05 April 2022

Japan ministry publishes FRAND patent licensing guidelines

The advisory document lays out acceptable behaviours at four stages of the SEP negotiation process

01 April 2022

Bristol-Myers Squibb suit against AstraZeneca may boost hefty immuno-oncology IP revenues

Latest fight over anti-PD-L1 antibodies has high financial stakes

29 March 2022

Asia-Pacific dominates top 100 global innovators, but there is good news for European companies too

New Clarivate report sees slew of European businesses entering the ranks of the highest performing patentees

01 March 2022

Big changes in the camera industry lead to major patent strategy rethinks

Canon’s IP chief and the former head of IP at Nikon explain how an evolving market creates opportunities for companies that hold assets reading on products used in multiple industries

08 February 2022

Japanese ministry seeks industry input on SEP negotiation guidelines

Ericsson and Apple have already appeared before a study group mulling FRAND policy – other companies have until 8 March to submit comments on guidelines for good-faith dealing

07 February 2022

Royalty deal ends Japan Display’s patent dispute with Chinese rival

Panel maker Tianma taps into LCD portfolio originating with major Japanese companies including Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi

27 January 2022

Japan mulls paying companies to keep sensitive patents under wraps

Economic security law proposed by Japanese government would place restrictions on disclosing patents related to sensitive technologies and innovations

19 January 2022

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