Region: Japan

NTT’s shareholders view IP assets as a ‘treasure trove’, says licensing head

The Japanese telecoms giant was disclosing the value of its IP to attract investment long before it was required to, Shunsuke Sakai revealed to IAM

07 September 2023

Unitary Patents increasingly popular with Asian innovators

But European firms still dominate as the number of UPs requested passes the 8,000-mark

04 September 2023

Patent non-aggression pledge is working, says Daikin’s head of IP

Decision to allow royalty-free use of over 400 patents is proving financially fruitful, IP department manager Takeo Abe reveals to IAM

29 August 2023

Japan: Unexpected Shift Sees Courts Become Increasingly Pro-Patentee

Featured in The Patent Litigation Review 2024

Japan used to be recognised as anti-patentee jurisdiction. However, a recent swing towards litigation signals a change in this, while new numbers show that the success rate for patentees has doubled in the past five years.

25 August 2023

We are seeking to use IP for less “hostile” purposes, reveals Sony IP head

IP head and chief strategy officer Toshimoto Mitomo talks to IAM about leveraging his IP and non-IP roles to help Sony flourish in a fast-changing technology landscape

22 August 2023

Japanese companies move to leverage IP disclosure requirement for investment gains

Increasing transparency has helped raise awareness with the C-suite and investors, Asics says

15 August 2023

TCL subsidiary signs licence with Semiconductor Energy Laboratory amid global patent spat

The deal was facilitated by Purplevine IP Group and brings an end to lawsuits in Japan, the US and Germany

10 August 2023

Bristol-Myers’ $560 million settlement is yet another success for its patent licensing campaign

AstraZeneca is the third Big Pharma company to pay BMS a nine-figure sum for the use of its immuno-oncology patents

04 August 2023

VC funding, green tech boom and AI to be discussed at IPBC Asia 2023

The full agenda is now available for this year’s event, taking place at the Palace Hotel in Tokyo between 28 and 30 November

01 August 2023

Sharp and Vivo ink cross-licence agreement bringing end to Chinese litigation

The deal grants the companies use of each other’s patents in various wireless communication technologies

01 August 2023

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