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UIBM’s novel approach to finding sufficient spread between SPREAD and SPREAD

The Italian Patent and Trademark Office recently ruled that when two trademarks include the same word element but the graphic context is sufficiently different, a likelihood of confusion may not exist.

08 November 2017

Effective use of Community design protection

Featured in IAM Yearbook 2018

Design protection has taken on an increasingly important role in recent years, since appearance and exterior shape now play a fundamental role in the success of a product. Designs are now relevant to a wide range of products involving industry,…

12 October 2017

Supplementing your understanding of supplementary protection certificates

A recent finding of invalidity has raised the question of whether a supplementary protection certificate (SPC) application can refer to a third party’s first market authorisation in the absence of a specific contractual relationship between the SPC applicant and the first market authorisation owner.

11 October 2017

Supreme Court recognises punitive damages

The Supreme Court of Cassation recently recognised for the first time that punitive damages may be applied in connection with civil liability under Italian law. The decision may allow Italian judges more leeway to grant increased damages in actions brought before Italian courts.

02 August 2017

When reverse engineering is difficult, infringement of software trade secrets is confirmed

Confirming a judgment by the Court of Turin, a recent Court of Appeal decision provides useful guidance for the application of Articles 98 and 99 of the Industrial Property Code, which governs trade secret misappropriation.

12 July 2017

Class 35: registering retail and wholesale services at the UIBM

Since 2016 the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM) has taken a harsh stance on registrations for ‘retail and wholesale services’ in Class 35. During this time, the UIBM has consistently refused to register applications directed to these services.

07 June 2017

A tale of statues and camels: mass-produced items eligible for copyright protection

The Court of Cassation recently held, in a case involving porcelain statues manufactured and mass-marketed by Italian company Thun Spa, ruled that mass-produced items may include a creative, artistic element, and thus can be eligible for copyright protection.

03 May 2017

CLINIQUE: reputation alone may not cure trademark's inherent weakness

In a recently published decision the Court of Cassation held that although the trademark CLINIQUE was well known in the European Union, its reputation was insufficient to overcome the weakness of the trademark and its inherent lack of distinctiveness.

05 April 2017

Chemical intermediates: patentability and infringement under the doctrine of equivalents

The Italian Supreme Court has had the final word on a long-running dispute between Industriale Chimica and Bayer, holding that a chemical intermediate is not necessarily patentable, even if it is novel, inventive and provided in a stable form.

01 March 2017

Patronymic trademarks in the fashion industry: what’s in a name?

In the fashion industry it is common to use and register the name of a designer as a trademark. But what happens when a designer assigns his or her company's IP assets, including trademarks associated with his or her own name, to a third party, and then continues using the name in new trademarks?

11 January 2017

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