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Intellectual property on demand

Leading law firms consider how different governments might apply compulsory licensing in response to potential covid-19 breakthroughs

12 August 2020

Sisvel adds new partners in significant expansion of its WiFi patent platform

Philips joins pool, while InterDigital, Nokia and Samsung are among the big names to have signed up for joint licensing approach

26 June 2020

Italy Trademark Attorney  Firm of the Year: Barzanò & Zanardo

Featured in The Global IP Awards: Key Insights from IP Leaders 2020

30 March 2020

Inventor takes aim at Formula 1 elite, claiming that safety devices infringe patent

Suit filed in West Texas against outfits including Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull after licensing discussions failed to produce deal

27 March 2020

Sisvel in the firing line after u-blox launches US FRAND suit

In echoes of its previous InterDigital litigation, the auto component manufacturer turns again to US district court, accusing licensing business of seeking ”unreasonable royalty rates”

18 March 2020

Shanghai research group to license SEPs through Sisvel

Langbo Communications Technology CEO Yang Lin tells IAM he’s hoping to build “China’s InterDigital”

28 January 2020

Xiaomi seeks Sisvel FRAND rate in Beijing

Chinese smartphone maker follows an increasingly popular playbook, setting up another contest for jurisdiction between European and Chinese courts

16 December 2019

Game over for Rubik’s Cube: shape not protected as a trademark, General Court says

The EU General Court has confirmed the cancellation of the 3D trademark registration for the Rubik's Cube, stating that it simply consists of a shape intended to obtain a technical result.

20 November 2019

Supreme Court rules that Italian patent can survive when parallel European patent is rejected

Clarifying previous case law, the Supreme Court has stated that when two semi-identical European and Italian patents exist for the same invention and the European patent is rejected by a final decision, Italian courts are free to ignore the European decisions and conclude that the Italian patent remains valid under Italian law.

06 November 2019

The clock is ticking: old collective marks must be converted before 23 March 2020

Legislative Decree 15/2019 has significantly reformed collective and certification marks in Italy. Owners of collective marks registered under the old law should act quickly or they will lose their rights.

02 October 2019

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