Region: Italy

InterDigital and Sony’s joint venture to launch IoT licensing programme

Seeking to commercialise 10 years of R&D, Convida Wireless will license its M2M connectivity technologies to cloud and edge services companies and telco providers for their IoT platforms

24 October 2023

Unitary Patents increasingly popular with Asian innovators

But European firms still dominate as the number of UPs requested passes the 8,000-mark

04 September 2023

Gucci sued at the UPC – five key takeaways

Patentee AGFA is on the lookout for new licensees

29 August 2023

UPC case data reveals dominance of German IP professionals and firms

IAM breaks down which firms and lawyers/attorneys have been chosen to represent clients at the Unified Patent Court

21 August 2023

Grana Padano ruling raises fresh questions about PDO enforcement

The Court of Turin has issued a decision involving the Italian cheese Grana Padano, deeming the term ‘grana’ to be generic. This ruling directly contrasts an earlier Court of Venice decision on the same issue, indicating that there is a lack of harmonisation surrounding applications of protected designation of origins.

31 May 2023

UPC central division will have branch in Milan, Italian government announces

But there’s no clarity yet on the new section’s competencies

19 May 2023

New nullity proceedings good news for trademark budgets in Italy

Italy’s IP office has launched new proceedings for determining nullity and revocation with the aim of providing a streamlined and significantly cheaper alternative to legal proceedings.

26 April 2023

Italian parliament flares up over proposed UPC relocation

After a rocky start to Italy’s relationship with the UPC, the suggestion that the London division be moved to Milan has sparked strong opposition from Italian IP experts and members of parliament due to disagreements over the division’s competence.

19 April 2023

Court of Venice restricts commercial use of Da Vinci artwork

Italian companies and their foreign subsidiaries are not allowed to use Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man for merchandise without the relevant gallery’s consent. The decision expands the possibilities of challenging the unauthorised use of images of cultural or artistic goods where copyright has expired.

05 April 2023

Italian Supreme Court redefines ‘parody’ in 15-year ad dispute

The long-running Zorro case clarifies the boundaries of parody in relation to well-known trademarks. The court asserted that a parody must respect a fair balance between the author's freedom of expression and the rights of the original work's owner.

29 March 2023

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