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Israel: A Deep Dive into National Prosecution Processes

Featured in The Patent Prosecution Review 2024

In Israel, it is only possible to obtain a utility patent. The Patents Law provides that almost any invention, whether a product or a process, in any field of technology is patentable if it is new and useful, has industrial application and involves an inventive step. However, some are excluded and it is crucial for rights holders to understand how to protect patents and enforce them when necessary.

08 December 2023

Israel: patent prosecution

Featured in Global Patent Prosecution 2023

Patents are governed by the Patents Law 5727-1976 (the Patents Law), as well as by various regulations relating to patents. In Israel, it is only possible to obtain utility patents.

02 December 2022

Apple fends off China patent threats from Samsung unit

As the iPhone maker continues sparring with Corephotonics at PTAB and Federal Circuit, records show the camera tech battle has also spread to Chinese courts

11 November 2021

Israeli Patent Office to consider allowing for provisional applications

The Israeli Patent Office is considering amending the patent application procedure in line with that of the USPTO, so that applicants may file for a provisional patent application before filing a full patent application at a relatively low initial cost.

06 January 2021

The future of Israeli tech is all about telemedicine

While many countries are only just getting clued up about digital healthcare, Israel has long been a trailblazer in this field.

25 November 2020

First Israeli patent for vaccine priority system filed in the UAE

In what marks a historical move for Israel and the United Arab Emirates, an Israeli company has filed a patent at the UAE Industrial Property Office for an AI-based vaccine, signalling that the two countries may work together to release technology to help combat the spread of covid-19.

04 November 2020

Covid-19 shows promise of AI tools – innovators need IP protection, and fast

Breakthroughs by startups across the APAC region show the IP system is working as intended to incentivise innovation - even in a crowded patent landscape

05 September 2020

The hedge fund-backed patent taking aim at Quibi looks solid, but not spectacular

Lawsuit against the billion dollar video streaming start-up is set to keep the headline writers busy and, according to IAM analysis, could have been in the works for a long time

13 May 2020

What you need to know about patent extension rights in Israel

Uncertainties persist over the protection of biological inventions and how Israeli extensions are pegged to PTEs in other countries

27 March 2020

Covid-19 emergency may expose compulsory licensing limits

Government responses to the pandemic could include increased focus on obligatory sharing of patented inventions, but regulatory data exclusivities might serve as a barrier in both Europe and the United States.

24 March 2020

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