Region: Ireland

Taiwan foundry sells off hundreds of rights in latest big chip patent deal

UMC returns for its first outbound transaction in several years, dealing portfolio to a new Ireland-based NPE

09 August 2021

With the UK out of the picture, the UPC needs a local division based in Ireland

A common law tradition, close links to the US and native English language capabilities mean a Dublin-based court would greatly improve the pan-EU court’s attractions

20 July 2021

Samsung sues Irish NPE just six months after settlement, claiming its “large checks” failed to buy “lasting peace”

New lawsuit puts the structure of Atlantic IP Services, the prolific Irish patent licensing firm, under the spotlight

15 June 2021

Samsung hit with smartphone patents recently sold by LG Innotek

Suit filed by Irish NPE in Western District of Texas could bring concerns over the separate LG Electronics portfolio to the forefront

05 May 2021

Five IP takeaways from Jazz Pharmaceuticals’ $7 billion medical cannabis buyout

A major milestone in the medical cannabinoid patent market has been passed

09 February 2021

Touchscreen NPE settles patent suits with tech giants, including Samsung, Lenovo and Microsoft

Ireland-based Neodrón closes deal that sees litigation with a host of big name players come to an end

07 January 2021

Irish NPE has German injunction upheld against LG and Sony

Solas OLED wins valuable court ruling in its multi-front assertion campaign against the Asian giants and a host of other big names

17 December 2020

Apple, Samsung among those targeted in OLED display NPE's ITC complaint

Ireland-based Solas OLED flexes its financial muscle and accuses group of tech giants of infringing patents that originated with Casio

15 September 2020

Irish NPE takes Samsung campaigns to China

Atlantic IP, which manages the SOLAS OLED and Neodron portfolios, is looking to avoid a second validity setback

20 August 2020

IPValue alumni launch new licensing vehicle with massive OLED portfolio in hand

Dublin-based business links up with Jaspar IP to monetise stockpile of over 1,000 patent assets from German company Osram

18 August 2020

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