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IP Hall of Fame: Last chance to nominate

The first stage of IAM’s annual search for outstanding individuals closes on Wednesday

10 April 2023

IBM IP chief stepping down; SEP/FRAND suits in Indonesia; sustainability challenges; EC licensing proposal; UKIPO CEO interview; plus much more

Get ready for the new working week with a summary of all the stories posted on the IAM platform over the past seven days

09 April 2023

Patent litigation’s uncertain intersection between venue and alternative service of process

Rights holders in the United States are attempting to use alternative service of process to gain access to preferred venues in cases against foreign defendants

07 April 2023

Scaling green innovation: New IP challenges in the sustainability transition

Corporate abilities to collaborate and share technology across the value chain, including with competitors, and to govern business ecosystems effectively will be key

05 April 2023

IBM’s IP monetisation guru steps down after 33-year career

In an exclusive interview, Bill LaFontaine reflects on what made Big Blue’s IP monetisation programme successful as he gears up to launch an IP strategic advisory consultancy

03 April 2023

New commercial ecosystem for trade secrets on the cards, says first-ever specialist insurance provider

Mary Guzman of Crown Jewel Insurance speaks to IAM about the burgeoning trade secrets service sector

21 March 2023

Help us to choose this year’s IP Hall of Fame inductees

Nominations now open for 2023

13 March 2023

Allegations of royalty underpayments in two new litigations are the tip of the iceberg

Audit programmes are clearly critical, as evinced by the lawsuits and a report showing 87% of licensees underpay their royalties

08 March 2023

Square peg in a round hole: the dangers of expanding the TRIPS waiver

Saturday Opinion: Disseminating covid diagnostics and therapeutics is critical, but attempting to do so via the TRIPS waiver extension is rife with unintended consequences

04 March 2023

UK Supreme Court becomes highest court to consider DABUS/AI inventorship dispute

The country’s highest court grappled with questions that are fundamental to the future of patent law

03 March 2023

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