Region: India

Xiaomi’s patent plays prepare it for a global role

The Beijing-based smartphone manufacturer has been busy doing licensing deals and making acquisitions, not only to build its strength at home but also on the international stage

04 September 2020

Decoding AI: the way forward in India

The Indian government has set up venture capital funds to support AI start-ups. This is corroborated by the WIPO Technology Trends Report, which places India in eighth place for AI patents in first-to-file regions since 2015

02 September 2020

US-India trade negotiations could prove an IP turning point

A deal – potentially including reforms to controversial Indian patent laws – is said to be almost agreed with time running out before American presidential elections

01 September 2020

Evolution of SEP litigation in India

Despite SEPs being governed by the India Patents Act, Indian courts still have a long way to go when it comes to SEP litigation. As the number of cases increases, it is hoped that jurisprudence will become more specific to this type of patent and related litigation.

26 August 2020

Compulsory licensing of covid-19 treatments unlikely in China, Japan and South Korea

Experts consulted by IAM in the three countries downplay interventions, but it may be a different story in Indonesia and India

12 August 2020

Intellectual property on demand

Leading law firms consider how different governments might apply compulsory licensing in response to potential covid-19 breakthroughs

12 August 2020

Reimagining the patent grant process

Issuance of IP rights must be capable of rapid and radical change to keep up with the tech it protects

12 August 2020

Government moves to fill long-vacant appellate posts in India

Long term future of the IPAB is in doubt, but the meantime, overdue appointments should spur board back to work

12 August 2020

India’s IP office backs calls to abolish patent appeal board

Public records request reveals high-level support for a reform that would hand patent validity questions back to the courts

11 August 2020

InterDigital faces Xiaomi FRAND fight, but revenue surges on back of Huawei deal

Despite dispute, CEO Bill Merritt remains positive. "Licensing is all about momentum and we certainly have a good amount of that now,” he says

06 August 2020

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