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IP office takes aim at patentability of computer-related inventions in India

Computer-related inventions in India can be protected under the country’s Patent Law, although there are several barriers to doing so. However, the Indian IP Office is doing much to improve the patentability of inventions and bring rules surrounding patent grants into line with international practices.

07 October 2020

InterDigital asks Delhi court for anti- anti-suit injunction in licensing fight with Xiaomi

As the pair's SEP FRAND battle escalates a few things don’t add up about a Chinese court’s earlier ruling against the US business

02 October 2020

India steps up efforts to boost tech transfer and innovation

The Indian government is doing a great deal to encourage tech transfer and innovation in India, as these are seen as crucial elements in a country’s success as a global player. New legislation, programmes and expediting patent grant procedures are just some of the current initiatives designed to bolster innovation.

30 September 2020

Impact of new hires felt as examinations surge at Indian patent office

Filings continue to grow as authorities say greater efficiency continues to be a priority

29 September 2020

Chinese court hits InterDigital with anti-suit order

Wuhan court seeks to set global royalty rate in dispute between NPE and Xiaomi, the latest sign that Chinese courts want to claim a greater role in adjudicating FRAND matters

28 September 2020

Making space for patents in space

As the Indian Space Research Organisation plans to launch Chandrayaan-3, it has secured a patent for a type of soil similar to that found on the moon’s surface. However, space law and IP rights are proving to be largely incompatible.

23 September 2020

Confusion surrounding ‘essentially biological processes’ in India

In the absence of case law, patents for inventions related to natural or artificial living entities, biological materials, substances derived from these materials, and any processes involved in the production of living substances or entities can be difficult to obtain in India. However, Monsanto Technology v Nuziveedu Seeds may help to pave the way for future applicants in this field.

16 September 2020

Senator Tillis leads call for biopharma patent protection in any US-India trade deal

Letter to US Trade Representative from head of the Senate's IP sub-committee comes amid growing efforts to put a mini agreement between the two countries in place before November's presidential election

09 September 2020

The rise and rise of IoT patents in India

The Internet of Things is big business around the world, particularly in India. While the patent framework around computer-related inventions is rapidly evolving, greater clarity in this area will help to pave the way for a robust IoT regime.

09 September 2020

Covid-19 shows promise of AI tools – innovators need IP protection, and fast

Breakthroughs by startups across the APAC region show the IP system is working as intended to incentivise innovation - even in a crowded patent landscape

05 September 2020

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