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Patenting monoclonal antibodies in India – evolving law and practice

Featured in IAM Innovation & Invention Yearbook 2021

As eff orts continue to fi nd an eff ective treatment and vaccine for covid-19, monoclonal antibodies have been at the forefront of research with reportedly more than 100 covid-19 antibody treatments at various stages of clinical trials – some designed solely to deal with secondary eff ects of SARS-CoV-2 (eg, infl ammation), while others are designed to destroy the virus itself.

20 November 2020

Indian court casts critical eye on “strawman” patent opposition

As pre-grant challenges soar, Bombay court stresses that the right to oppose applications must not be abused

16 November 2020

Amending and deleting patent claims – the view from India

The Indian Patent Act sets out clear provisions on how to amend patent claims, while the Patent Amendment Rules 2016 allow claims to be deleted under certain circumstances. However, further clarity from the IP office and appellate board are needed to develop a fully uniform practice.

11 November 2020

Applicants beware: patent oppositions are off the charts in India

Nearly 300% increase over a three-year span indicates greater attention being paid to publications in a jurisdiction where disputes are rising

09 November 2020

Social media giants taste success in registering patents in India

Social media giants are expanding their patent portfolios in India, although it has not always been a smooth road to grant.

04 November 2020

Headache relief for high-tech patent owners as working requirements ease in key Asian markets

Requirements to practise granted patents have long complicated the strategies of IP owners in India and Indonesia, but recent weeks have brought positive developments for rightsholders in both countries

26 October 2020

Unravelling the concept of 3D printing: knowing your rights in India

Proving that a 3D printed product infringes IP rights can be difficult, but Indian legislation can offer essential protection for rights holders – provided that they know where to look.

21 October 2020

Proposal to waive TRIPS is the latest sign of deepening global IP rifts over covid-19

WHO-backed proposal seeks to suspend key multilateral protections for patents and trade secrets

20 October 2020

Indian court to welcome more SEP cases with new rules for patent disputes

Delhi High Court moves to standardise the structure of patent lawsuits and enshrine licensor-friendly measures such as confidentiality clubs

13 October 2020

Indian court hands InterDigital anti anti-suit injunction in Xiaomi fight

Ruling declares that earlier Chinese decision had “effectively rendered it impossible for the plaintiff to continue to prosecute these proceedings”

09 October 2020

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