Region: India

New data sheds light on the globalisation of SEPs

Update to study of ‘core’ 5G assets still has Huawei in the driver’s seat, while another report shows growing importance of markets like India and Southeast Asia

02 March 2021

India is staring at some of the biggest opportunities in global IP

Decision to abolish troubled patent board is the right one, but policymakers should double down on reform

27 February 2021

Modi government moves to shutter controversial IP appeals board

Indian finance minister introduces bill in parliament which would see appeals from patent office decisions transferred to High Courts

16 February 2021

Uptrend in oppositions could spell costly delays for Indian patent applicants

Practitioners say greater attention to detail during the prosecution process can head off frivolous challenges

15 February 2021

Commercialising a pandemic – how to balance patents and public health emergencies

Indian law could be the key to finding a happy medium between the interests of patent-owning pharmaceutical companies in developed countries and the needs of the public in developing countries.

13 January 2021

Delhi court limits confidentiality measures in high profile SEP suit

Judge rules that in-house Xiaomi representatives must have access to evidence relied on by InterDigital in FRAND case

07 January 2021

The Indian IP office’s approach to DNA patenting reveals grey area around gene patents

Intellectual Property India’s decisions on gene patents highlight the need for greater clarity in this area. Although gene modification is an intensely debated issue across the world, the Indian Patents Act should be updated to reflect this area of innovation.

16 December 2020

The Asia IP Elite – a shared commitment to excellence across very different markets

IAM reveals the top in-house IP teams from India, Southeast Asia and Australasia

14 December 2020

Philips turns up the heat on Chinese phone brands in India

New cases against Vivo and Xiaomi added, with company seeking injunctions from Delhi High Court

02 December 2020

New medical device regulations may affect patent filings for medical device inventions in India

India boasts a rapidly expanding medical devices sector and is adapting its legislation to accommodate this. However, those looking to file patents for medical devices in this country must be aware of certain aspects of the new regulations.

25 November 2020

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