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With patent licensors already knocking at the door, Reliance Jio will need IP savvy to deliver $50 handset

Asia’s richest man has promised the world’s cheapest smartphone; controlling IP costs will be key

28 June 2021

For India and other countries, an IP waiver is a distraction not a solution to the covid-19 vaccine crisis

A TRIPs suspension will not provide the shot in the arm that millions of Indians need, but the country does have a major role to play in supplying vaccines to the world

26 June 2021

Everything you need to know about the covid-19 IP waiver negotiations

With text-based discussions of a TRIPS suspension about to get underway, IAM highlights the key issues to be aware of.

17 June 2021

India – slowly but surely

Featured in Special Report 2021 Q2: A new dance

27 May 2021

India resists calls to use existing compulsory licensing powers for covid drugs

Despite advocacy of TRIPS waiver, the country’s government has expressed reluctance to bypass patent rights

18 May 2021

InterDigital's Indian anti anti-suit injunction confirmed in escalation of Xiaomi dispute

According to the US company’s latest quarterly filing, the Delhi High Court has made an earlier interim ruling permanent

07 May 2021

Top judge's blueprint for the future of IP litigation in India

The Long Read: Justice Manmohan Singh was the chair of the recently abolished Intellectual Property Appellate Board and before that sat on the bench of the Delhi High Court where he presided over a series of landmark patent cases. In an exclusive interview, he talks about his shock at the Indian government's decision to do away with the board but argues that rights holders should not lose hope for the future

05 May 2021

How India can chart a course to IP leadership

Top voices from industry and private practice reckon with the strengths and weaknesses of country’s IP environment

15 April 2021

Practitioners stunned after Indian government shutters IP appeal board with immediate effect

Lawyers and rightsholders decry lack of consultation after Modi government preempts Parliament to abolish IPAB by decree

08 April 2021

India’s Reliance Jio faces SEP suit in Delhi court

Dolby sues telco provider that’s making a play to be the country’s top tech champion with a new smartphone project

04 March 2021

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