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Patent suits keep coming as India undergoes China tech backlash

Xiaomi and other brands face legal challenges as country rethinks bilateral tech trade and pushes to create its own national champion

04 August 2020

Huawei’s increasing China focus may have paved way for Qualcomm deal

Chinese company took quarterly smartphone sales title for the first time in Q2, but it is increasingly reliant on its home market

30 July 2020

Biopiracy in India:  Scientific eruption or traditional disruption?

The Indian government takes a strong stance on protecting its ancient knowledge from being patented by other countries. Experts analyse whether this is positive for the scientific community or if it signals the start of losing age-old traditional knowledge.

22 July 2020

As Silicon Valley showers Jio Platforms with cash, upstart may need IP crash course

Telco plans to make smartphones and produce made-in-India 5G network gear. The company recently landed in hot water for copying the design of Zoom’s teleconferencing platform

17 July 2020

Infosys lures IP head from Wipro as a key in-house leader moves on

Faiz Rahman takes over the IP team at Infosys as Anjali Balagopal departs for general counsel job at Tata Technologies

08 July 2020

The US and Germany top for patent litigation, say survey respondents

IAM benchmarking results send mixed messages about the UK, but show increasing interest in China, India and Brazil

10 June 2020

Why India needs an inventor remuneration law

Prime minister Modi calls for innovators to have a proper stake in commercialisation and licensing

08 June 2020

India’s growing docket of high-tech litigation on hold

Nokia, Philips and Fractus are among the patent owners with active cases targeting major Chinese companies

26 May 2020

Chair pledges smooth functioning of Indian appeal board as critics call for its abolition

Justice Manmohan Singh outlines plan for the understaffed tribunal to take up hundreds of matters virtually, as government continues to stonewall on new appointments

15 May 2020

Trends in biopharma and biosimilar patents in India

Featured in IAM Life Sciences: Key issues for senior life sciences executives 2020

Legal protection for IP rights in the science and technology domain is a topic of long debate around the world, particularly regarding those technologies that generate economic growth, are beneficial to society and improve patient lifestyle.

07 May 2020

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