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Coolpad leverages IPO media attention against Xiaomi, but its patent portfolio is largely unproven

Earlier this year, Coolpad filed a number of Chinese patent infringement complaints against Xiaomi. IAM reported these stories largely based on local media accounts. But last week Coolpad sought to ramp up the pressure by ensuring that the story,…

17 May 2018

Xiaomi’s IPO filing sheds light on state of patent portfolio and cost of IP acquisitions

This morning, Xiaomi confirmed that it will seek a public listing on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong later this year, in what could be the largest tech IPO since Alibaba’s 2014 debut in New York. It is a moment for which the company, including…

03 May 2018

Asia’s first $500 billion company can in part thank a diverse IP value creation strategy for its success

In the hottest Hong Kong IPO in a decade, shares of China Literature surged over 90% in their trading debut earlier this month. The wild success of Tencent’s digital publishing business with investors is just the latest success for the Shenzhen…

01 December 2017

Patenting strategies for R&D companies

Featured in China: Managing the IP Lifecycle 2018/2019

China remains a research hub for domestic and foreign companies alike, with 1.3 million invention patent applications filed in 2016. However, the material changes in patent filing practice and procedures in China introduced by the 2008 revision of the patent laws have had a profound impact on filing strategies.

04 September 2017

Protecting intellectual property online

Featured in China: Managing the IP Lifecycle 2018/2019

The primary challenge for most brand owners in China is the prevalence of counterfeit goods on Chinese e-commerce sites. The most popular of these have efficient complaint filing systems and rights holders are advised to learn how to use these mechanisms effectively. However, certain smaller sites have limited IP protection procedures in place, so a different approach is needed.

04 September 2017

SHARPVIEW refused registration under law of passing off

Sharp Corporation of Japan recently successfully opposed the SHARPVIEW (figurative) trademark applied by an individual to, among other things, computer monitors, CCTV surveillance systems and colour surveillance cameras in Class 9.

05 October 2016

Opposition to registration of SWISSBERNARD mark

The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH recently failed in its opposition to the registration of the SWISSBERNARD mark by Ayoub in Class 14 for “horological and chronometric instruments”.

04 May 2016

The Supreme Court has spoken: OEMs and trademark use

China has been the factory of the world for the past few decades. Countless foreign brand owners have taken advantage of the low-cost manufacturing environment and have flocked to the middle kingdom to source their goods – many of them via contract…

06 April 2016

Patents bill making its way through the legislature

The Hong Kong government recently introduced the Patents (Amendment) Bill 2015 into the Legislative Council for first and second readings. The bill is intended to meet present-day standards for patent systems and to promote Hong Kong as a regional hub for innovation and technology.

16 December 2015

Impact of Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance on trademark licensing

The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance will introduce a variation of the common law doctrine of privity of contract which provides that a party cannot acquire and enforce rights under a contract to which it is not a party. When entering into a licence agreement on or after January 1 2016, rights holders should carefully consider whether and to what extent to contract out the application of the ordinance.

02 December 2015

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