Region: Germany

IPValue alumni launch new licensing vehicle with massive OLED portfolio in hand

Dublin-based business links up with Jaspar IP to monetise stockpile of over 1,000 patent assets from German company Osram

18 August 2020

Nokia secures injunction against Daimler in closely-watched German SEP case

Finnish company prevails in a case that it could not afford to lose, but with an appeal certain nothing is yet decided

18 August 2020

With Chinese courts back in business, FRAND is on the agenda

Xiaomi’s Wuhan litigation is just latest reminder that China’s recovery from covid-19 could give local judges first say in major SEP litigations

17 August 2020

SEP owners may never have had it so good

It's been a great 2020 for rights holders so far and that's why a rallying call deployed by UK Prime Minister Harold Macmillan in the 1950s could well be ringing in their ears

15 August 2020

How compulsory licensing regimes in key European jurisdictions might respond to a covid-19 cure

Experts in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK explain how their jurisdictions are set up to apply march-in rights should viable coronavirus treatments emerge

14 August 2020

Intellectual property on demand

Leading law firms consider how different governments might apply compulsory licensing in response to potential covid-19 breakthroughs

12 August 2020

Start your engines

Private practice experts explore the patent forces shaping the auto sector

12 August 2020

SEPs and the next industrial revolution

Standards are pivotal in telecoms; other sectors need to catch up

12 August 2020

German data reveals majority of partially invalidated patents remain valuable

A forensic examination of partial invalidations and subsequent renewal rates provides clear evidence that the show is not over for grants with narrowed claims

21 July 2020

Revealed – the US law firms that send the most prosecution work abroad and who they send it to

An in-depth look at who America’s patent lawyers work with in Canada, China, Germany, Japan and the UK

17 July 2020

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