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Spangenberg and former France Brevets licensing head team up, with Asia and Europe firmly in their sights

Hermes is the Greek god of trade, transition and crossing boundaries, able to slip between this and other worlds with ease. With these abilities, he serves as a messenger and intermediary for his fellow Olympians, enabling their communication with…

31 March 2017

Licensing income a stand-out success in what was generally a poor 2016 for Technicolor

Technicolor CEO Frederic Rose has probably not had the best of weekends. On Thursday, the Paris-based entertainment technology company issued a warning that EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation) for financial year…

15 January 2017

In the thick of it

Laura Quatela has held a succession of market-defining positions in the IP field. As she embarks on perhaps her most exciting role yet, she outlines how she got where she is today and where she is going next

01 December 2016

Protection of graphical user interfaces in France

Featured in IAM Yearbook 2017

Electronic products ranging from tablets to cars and even fridges contain a growing number of software components. Graphical user interfaces (GUIs) play a central role in enabling efficient user control by facilitating communication between man and…

12 October 2016

Uncertainty surrounds France Brevets' future trajectory as Asia's sovereign patent funds prepare for privatisation

In the latest issue of IAM – now available online for subscribers, here – we check in on the status of the first generation of sovereign patent funds (SPFs); the ‘Big Three’ established in South Korea, France and Japan between 2010 and 2013. One of…

04 October 2016

New priorities and strategies for sovereign patent funds

Sovereign patent funds have become key players in the global IP market. However, a shifting economic, legal and political landscape raises questions for the future of this state-backed aggregation model

30 September 2016

Spectacular Technicolor licensing performance shows that the monetisation market is far from dead

At times, it might seem as if building a patent licensing business is a thankless task: the environment often looks so anti-patent that it becomes hard to see just where deals are going to come from. In those moments of doom and gloom, though, it is…

31 July 2016

As Korean, French and Japanese sovereign patent funds gain traction, other countries warm towards the model

Recently published research has shed new light on the strategies employed by the world’s three leading sovereign patent funds (SPFs) – while discussion about the creation of similar entities in other countries appears to be picking up.In …

25 July 2016

SEP and FRAND 2016: Are French courts patent-FRANDly?

Top legal experts in France provide insight on the latest developments on SEPS and FRAND in the country for 2016

23 May 2016

Technicolor CIPO explains why the company left the HEVC Advance patent pool

Arvin Patel became the chief IP officer at Technicolor in November last year. As CIPO, Patel is responsible for licensing Technicolor’s IP to companies across a variety of industries, with major programmes focusing on digital TV, mobile…

16 May 2016

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