Region: France

New dispute resolution procedure for ".fr" domain names

AFNIC, the registry responsible for the ".fr" country-code top-level domain, has implemented a new online dispute resolution procedure dedicated to “obvious” infringements. The most significant advantage is that AFNIC now handles the whole procedure itself, from examination of the application to enforcement of the decision.

22 October 2008

Use of trademarks as keywords: Supreme Court requests ECJ ruling

In recent years the French courts have tended to find search engines liable for selling trademarks as keywords, although the legal grounds for such decisions have varied widely. However, this situation may soon be resolved since the Supreme Court has requested a preliminary ruling from the European Court of Justice on these issues in three cases against Google.

02 July 2008

New law gives rights holders better weapons against counterfeiters

The French Senate has adopted a draft law that gives rights holders new and significantly improved legal weapons against counterfeiters. Initially intended to implement the EU IP Rights Enforcement Directive, the law standardises and improves the procedures available to holders of trademarks, designs and models, copyrights and patents.

24 October 2007

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