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The top 10 patent market developments of 2019

Asset sales, trade wars and new names at the top made last year transformative for IP owners.

04 March 2020

Nokia IP supremo delivers a message to the auto industry and, just as important, beyond

Lukander: “Litigation has in some situations become the only way to protect our valuable inventions from being used without authorisation and compensation”

03 March 2020

The US has a mountain to climb in 5G network equipment

Patent analysis shows that American companies would need to make big plays if they want to catch the Chinese, but it is almost certainly too late already

28 February 2020

US play for Nokia or Ericsson no long-term 5G solution, says Qualcomm engineering chief

Speaking at an event in Washington DC, Susie Armstrong claims that if policymakers want to help they should support a strong IP system and clarify rules on American participation in standards setting

12 February 2020

Qualcomm and Nokia report licensing numbers in a week to remember for 5G

Chip giant continues to see big uplift after Apple settlement, while Finnish company’s royalty income suggest it is still waiting for significant monetary boost from latest technology

07 February 2020

Vivo picks up hundreds of patents in Nokia deal

Asset transfers recorded last week provide strong indication that companies reached a license deal during 2019

30 January 2020

Christmas comes early for Nokia's IP team in the US and Europe

Finnish telco sees Daimler agree to mediation in high-profile suit while a court in Munich court upholds anti anti-suit injunction and a related Northern California case is sent to Texas

12 December 2019

Identifying opportunities in the 5G landscape

The next generation of mobile communication looks set to kick off a technological revolution across a range of sectors. Understanding the IP terrain will be crucial for those companies seeking to profit

09 December 2019

Auto IP stakeholders in Asia call for peace, prepare for war

Huawei, Nokia and top Japanese brands discussed the licensing conflicts confronting the industry in front of a packed room in Shanghai

05 December 2019

Star turns – counting down the best of the best

New names, familiar faces: what it takes to earn a place in the Market Makers’ club

29 November 2019

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