Region: Finland

Sharp grants Huawei SEP licence for auto components

Deal shakes up car wars in Germany, with Huawei client Daimler now set to escape some infringement claims

14 July 2020

Samsung acquires hundreds of patent assets in transfer from Nokia

Over 50 US patents transferred between the two companies, which currently have a patent licensing agreement in place

13 July 2020

Why it was time to leave Nokia - company's former IP head tells all in exclusive interview

On the day she becomes InterDigital's new chief licensing officer, Eeva Hakoranta explains her move and discusses a whole lot more besides

01 July 2020

Nokia’s patents give it plenty of choices

A data-driven look at the Finnish giant’s position in the market and how its portfolio looks to potential buyers

19 June 2020

InterDigital hires Nokia's Hakoranta to be firm's new chief licensing officer

“I am thrilled that she has chosen to join us, and very much look forward to working with her," says firm's CEO Bill Merritt

03 June 2020

Huawei, Samsung and LG are top owners of ‘core’ 5G patents so far, new study claims

Essentiality analysis put out by Amplified and GreyB finds that so far just 26% of declared 5G SEP grants are core to the standard and suggests that Huawei’s lead is more than merely quantitative

02 June 2020

India’s growing docket of high-tech litigation on hold

Nokia, Philips and Fractus are among the patent owners with active cases targeting major Chinese companies

26 May 2020

Nokia made over $1 billion from licensing in 2019, but maybe it could have been more

Analysis of the Finnish companies’ annual reports, alongside developments in the overall market for mobile technology, indicate there could be further royalty upside for the telecoms giant

23 March 2020

Some licensors are taking a much more public stand in their FRAND fights - here's why

Recents moves by Nokia and InterDigital show that rights owners are beginning to realise that winning the PR battle is just as important as prevailing in court

21 March 2020

IP market news highlights

A rundown of some of the top news stories on the IAM platform in December, January and February.

04 March 2020

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