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Featured in Special Report 2021 Q3: IP leadership - what it is and why it matters

09 September 2021

Smartphone royalty stack continues multi-year decline, says analyst

Financial disclosures from four major publicly-listed patent owners suggest that their collective licensing revenues are on a downward trend

06 September 2021

Latest Nokia figures show how important IP licensing is to the company

Announcement of increased revenues is accompanied by news of a further licensee in the auto sector

29 July 2021

Nokia v Oppo clash brings a big-ticket patent battle to Indonesia

Decisions delivered in six months and the availability of injunctions make Southeast Asia’s largest market an attractive proposition for the Finnish company

28 July 2021

Nokia launches patent litigation against Oppo across Europe and Asia

The two companies have been re-negotiating a 2018 licensing deal covering wireless technologies

08 July 2021

Bolstered by LG SEP acquisition, Japanese patent fund takes on the Nordics

IP Bridge lawsuits against Nokia and Ericsson confirm NPE’s focus on the wireless space

14 June 2021

The Nokia and Daimler deal leaves key SEP questions unanswered

Tuesday’s settlement brought an end to the conflict between the two companies, but for the wider auto industry there are still any number of licensing unknowns

04 June 2021

Nokia and Daimler bring long-running SEP licensing dispute to an end

The pair agree a settlement deal under which the Finnish company receives royalties, while Dusseldorf court referral to the CJEU falls away

01 June 2021

Qualcomm and Nokia see licensing bump after handset market's Q1 boost

Chip giant leads the way as mobile sales continue to recover, despite Huawei’s decline in the sector

29 April 2021

Another big-ticket Nokia licensing deal announced

Finnish company concludes multi-year cross-licence agreement with Lenovo that includes a balancing payment

07 April 2021

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