Region: European Union

Apple voting rights expansion triggers 3GPP rule change

To avoid ‘arms race’ among members, world’s most important group of Standards Development Organisations set to introduce new restrictions

10 July 2023

Huawei files UPC suit to ramp up pressure in Netgear SEP dispute

Chinese patentee is seeking to boost patent revenues from Wi-Fi 6 portfolio and other new segments

05 July 2023

How life sciences companies are embracing the UPC

Pharma, biotech and medical device companies have surprised the patent community with their dominance of early proceedings at the new court

04 July 2023

UPC’s early cases suggest Munich becoming the focal point of European patent litigation

Initial surge in filings drops off as court clocks only one additional action since the first day

20 June 2023

The fightback against the European Commission’s SEP proposals shifts up a gear

Saturday Opinion: IP owners have realised that a broader battle for hearts and minds needs to be won

17 June 2023

Technology security makes EU SEP licensing plans tough to justify

Recent interventions by Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark and Ericsson CIPO Christina Petersson indicate major licensors believe focusing on this issue, rather than technicalities, is the way to counter DG GROW’s controversial proposals

15 June 2023

Nokia’s battles with Oppo and Vivo underscore the UPC/UP’s importance for SEP owners

The newly operational Unified Patent Court and unitary patent is a boon for standard essential patent owners, even in disputes with Asia-centric implementers

12 June 2023

UPC week one in six key takeaways

Here’s what IAM readers need to know about early developments at the Unified Patent Court

09 June 2023

First unitary patent assertion occurs on UPC day one, as 10x Genomics follows up on German success

After winning first ever biotech AASI, 10x Genomics files first ever UP lawsuit

06 June 2023

UPC launch is a pivotal moment for European and global patent strategy

But today is the start of a long process before the significance of the new system is fully revealed

01 June 2023

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