Region: European Union

EPO tussles between Huawei and Oppo raise eyebrows in China

Huawei has filed oppositions against rights acquired by Oppo and Xiaomi, and reaction shows that some hope to tamp down tensions between Chinese smartphone players

13 August 2020

Santen judgment raises questions over whether SPC Regulation is fit for purpose

The CJEU decision excludes second medical use inventions from patent extension rights

16 July 2020

Humira patent thicketing strategy not anticompetitive, court rules

Antitrust doctrine not “proper fix” for any problems at the USPTO or FDA, says Illinois judge

16 June 2020

Royalty Pharma’s $2 billion IPO target shows importance of patent monetisation in life sciences

The company’s public offering comes after years of growth and demonstrates the changing dynamics of an industry in which smaller R&D entities are becoming increasingly significant players

12 June 2020

EPO plant patent change after president’s intervention raises major concerns

The enlarged board’s decision that plants produced by biological processes are unpatentable has shocked the IP profession and came after office head António Campinos asked it to look again at previous ruling

19 May 2020

Six key takeaways from the CJEU’s latest SPC ruling

Royalty Pharma decision answers important questions about Article 3(a) of the EU’s patent extension rights regulation, but creates new uncertainties

12 May 2020

World leaders hatch further plans for accessibility of covid-19 IP rights

WHO to establish voluntary patent pool, while Greek Prime Minister calls for EU to buy rights to vaccines and tests

09 April 2020

Patent opportunities and dangers in the microbiome revolution

It is a key part of our growth strategy and we actively seek to ensure IP strategies are in place to protect our investment, says senior DuPont counsel

02 April 2020

Covid-19 emergency may expose compulsory licensing limits

Government responses to the pandemic could include increased focus on obligatory sharing of patented inventions, but regulatory data exclusivities might serve as a barrier in both Europe and the United States.

24 March 2020

2020: A Busy Year for CRISPR Patents at the EPO

Following the EPO’s revocation of the Broad Institute’s key patent, here are the other CRISPR-related appeals and oppositions to watch out for this year

12 March 2020

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