Region: European Union

Prospect of European SEP regulation looms large in US policy debate

During a recent Washington DC event, SEP holders and standards implementers clashed about the European Commission’s draft proposal – and how the US should respond

29 September 2023

How patents opted out of the UPC might still be dragged into revocation proceedings

Even if a European patent has been removed from the jurisdiction of the court, IP owners must be ready to assert the existence of the opt-out until rules are clarified

25 September 2023

Patent pools are making waves – but will Brussels listen?

Saturday Opinion: There’s plenty of compelling evidence that the market is capable of compromise without the heavy hand of regulation

23 September 2023

Europe’s SEP licensing regulation on course to become law

As momentum for the controversial legislation builds in EU institutions, it will be tough to halt even though its multiple flaws are becoming increasingly apparent

21 September 2023

UPC holds first ever preliminary injunction hearing

NanoString Technologies is facing an injunction at the UPC, which has scheduled several further PI hearings in Munich and Vienna

06 September 2023

Unitary Patents increasingly popular with Asian innovators

But European firms still dominate as the number of UPs requested passes the 8,000-mark

04 September 2023

UPC faces first bifurcation challenge in Amgen v Sanofi/Regeneron spat

Amgen is contesting the admissibility of a revocation action filed against it, claiming its infringement suit was filed first

24 August 2023

UPC schedules its first substantive hearings

Having granted its first injunction ex parte, the Unified Patent Court will soon host formal hearings regarding 10x Genomics’ applications for injunctive relief

22 August 2023

UPC case data reveals dominance of German IP professionals and firms

IAM breaks down which firms and lawyers/attorneys have been chosen to represent clients at the Unified Patent Court

21 August 2023

European Parliament makes crucial appointment to handle controversial SEP proposals

Marion Walsmann, already a vocal supporter of the new regulation, has been assigned as the policy’s rapporteur

15 August 2023

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