Region: European Union

UPC builds momentum as SEP battleground with Nokia’s Amazon suits

Finnish company uses UPC-plus-Germany strategy in latest suits which concern SEPs and implementation patents

02 November 2023

EUIPO executive director maintains office has capacity to implement SEP regulation

João Negrão says the organisation is awaiting further development of the patent proposal before commencing substantive work

01 November 2023

The EPC continues to shine 50 years on

Saturday Opinion: The convention is a cornerstone on which European innovation has prospered over the last 50 years – and is just as relevant today as the day it was signed, says EPO President António Campinos

28 October 2023

Fujifilm uses UPC to sue old adversary Kodak

The Japanese photography giant’s actions stir old conflicts and boost the small number of East Asian companies using the new court

27 October 2023

EU legislators show resistance to ‘rushed’ SEP regulation

Key European Parliament committee meeting sees significant criticism of the proposed legislation and the timetable for adoption

25 October 2023

Patent protection improves the odds of start-up success

An EPO study shows the success of start-ups with patent filings, and highlights the sectors that may be missing out on the value they bring

25 October 2023

UPC orders litigation language swap into English against patentee’s wishes

The latest decision, a first for the court, has tactical implications for international UPC disputes

24 October 2023

EPO president expresses serious doubts about EU SEP licensing regulation

In a letter sent to the chair and vice-chair of the European Parliament’s legal affairs committee, António Campinos reveals there has been no Commission consultation with the office, while warning of additional burdens and greater legal insecurity

23 October 2023

UPC Court of Appeal hands down first decision at breakneck speed

Appellate court overturns Munich local division ruling in Amgen/Sanofi dispute

19 October 2023

Still no answers to key EC SEP licensing regulation questions

Political action around the controversial proposals is intensifying, but a serious lack of transparency in the decision making process remains a cause for concern

19 October 2023

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