Region: European Union

What the CJEU’s landmark injunction decision means for German patent litigation

The EU court’s ruling may drive more lawsuits to Munich

03 May 2022

How revised EPO guidelines affect treatment of AI inventions

Co-published – Although changes will make it tougher to secure patent protection, there are still ways through

27 April 2022

How the UPC will reshape European FRAND/SEP strategies

Standard essential patent owners face an even more complicated set of IP dilemmas with the Unified Patent Court

26 April 2022

Ireland’s lack of UPC referendum progress is worrying – and not just for local practitioners

There are still no signs of the national vote needed for Irish ratification of the Unified Patent Court Agreement

05 April 2022

UPC audience rights news is a boost for UK patent attorneys and users of the new court

UK-qualified European Patent Attorneys will enjoy audience rights at the pan-EU court, despite reports that they may be excluded

24 March 2022

Three reasons why patent applications for applied AI inventions do not succeed at the EPO

For an application to enjoy success at the EPO, it is vital that it fulfils the technicality, sufficiency and plausibility requirements. It remains to be seen whether the latter will play a greater role during assessment

23 March 2022

Dutch Supreme Court bolsters SEP owners, but FRAND dance questions remain unanswered

Netherlands’ highest court rules against Wiko in dispute over licensing negotiation

22 March 2022

Breakthrough in TRIPS covid waiver negotiations – here’s what you need to know

There are reports of a compromise deal agreeed by the US, EU, India and South Africa, but no official confirmation

16 March 2022

CJEU asked again to provide clarity on combination product SPCs

Innovators hope for certainty on articles 3(a) and 3(c) of the EU’s supplementary protection certificate regulation

11 March 2022

UK patent attorneys may not get rights of audience at the UPC after all

New uncertainties over who may advocate before the new European court have arisen

04 March 2022

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