Region: European Union

Amgen’s UPC battles could bring consolation at the end of decade-long PCSK9 war

The company will be looking to make up for the terrible reversal of fortunes it has suffered in long-running spat with Sanofi and Regeneron

29 February 2024

European Parliament adopts SEP regulation while UK takes different path

EU lawmakers vote overwhelmingly in favour of the controversial regulation

28 February 2024

UPC appeal court overturns injunction in huge boost for bankrupt NanoString

First appellate PI decision comes as first instance judges largely opt to rule against preliminary sales bans

27 February 2024

Cisco sued at UPC by third NPE to use new court

Atlantic IP Services entity Lionra Technologies has extended its enforcement efforts to the pan-EU forum

26 February 2024

The European Commission’s SEPs proposal is an own goal. It should be rejected.

Saturday Opinion: It appears that the file is being pushed through parliament in record time and in defiance of a chorus of expert critics

24 February 2024

The EU used to believe in patent pools; it should do so again

Saturday Opinion: The negativity surrounding the SEP licensing regulation masks a huge market success – and it’s not too late for European policymakers and politicians to embrace pools as the transparent, efficient, cost-effective way to speed up technology adoption that they are

17 February 2024

EU lawmakers are trying to bulldoze SEP reforms through parliament

IP Europe’s Managing Director Patrick McCutcheon breaks down why the controversial proposal would be an own goal for the world’s largest trading bloc

16 February 2024

Lenovo tests new SEP litigation tactics with UK and UPC actions

Implementers are exploring the limits of the London courts’ approach to global rate-setting

14 February 2024

Alexion injunction against Amgen overturned in landmark Munich appeal

Reversal has major implications for future disputes involving rare disease treatments

12 February 2024

UPC: starting well but is the complex court structure advantageous?

Division-centric approach may provide opportunities for creative litigants but perils for unwary ones

09 February 2024

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