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Obtaining patent term extensions in Europe

Featured in The Guide to Life Sciences: Key issues for senior life sciences executives 2023

Supplementary protection certificates are crucial for the protection of drugs in Europe. Understanding their complex legal framework is critical, as the current regulation is one of the most unsettled and controversial areas of European IP law.

25 August 2023

BREAKING: Ericsson and Huawei strike SEP cross-licence deal

The agreement proves there is no need for third-party weigh-in on SEP negotiations, says Huawei’s Emil Zhang

25 August 2023

UPC faces first bifurcation challenge in Amgen v Sanofi/Regeneron spat

Amgen is contesting the admissibility of a revocation action filed against it, claiming its infringement suit was filed first

24 August 2023

The problem with IP valuation

Most patents and trademarks have little to no external worth. There is nothing to support the idea that a large body of assets exists that can be used by their owners to raise money against

24 August 2023

UPC schedules its first substantive hearings

Having granted its first injunction ex parte, the Unified Patent Court will soon host formal hearings regarding 10x Genomics’ applications for injunctive relief

22 August 2023

UPC case data reveals dominance of German IP professionals and firms

IAM breaks down which firms and lawyers/attorneys have been chosen to represent clients at the Unified Patent Court

21 August 2023

We are seeking CRISPR IP partnerships, says SNIPR Biome’s chief patent counsel

IAM speaks exclusively to Jasper Clube about the CRISPR microbiome IP landscape

18 August 2023

u-blox loses antitrust claim against InterDigital in cellular SEP licensing dispute

The US Department of Justice antitrust division under the Trump Administration had intervened in the pair’s 2019 dispute but did not make its voice heard in this year’s lawsuit

17 August 2023

European Parliament makes crucial appointment to handle controversial SEP proposals

Marion Walsmann, already a vocal supporter of the new regulation, has been assigned as the policy’s rapporteur

15 August 2023

Novartis’ Gilenya woes deepen as Dusseldorf court overturns preliminary injunction

Despite unusual circumstances of the fingolimod disputes, the cases highlight some of the potential pitfalls facing pharma patentees in Germany and elsewhere in Europe

14 August 2023

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