Region: Europe

The Eurasian trademark system creates new opportunities for brand owners

Following the creation of the Eurasian Economic Union, a trademark registration system has been implemented for member states. With easier registration procedures and lower fees, this system will encourage brands to seek proper protection for their marks.

13 October 2021

IPBC Europe in Dublin brought patent value issues to the fore

Saturday Opinion: A memorable two days in the Irish capital showed definitively that face-to-face trumps video and allowed for some detailed debate on key topics

09 October 2021

Sharp-Oppo patent dispute ends with cross-licence deal

Global agreement means a Chinese court’s first attempt to set a global FRAND rate will not go ahead

08 October 2021

Analysis indicates that Access Advance is currently the top HEVC patent pool

Licensees get access to higher-quality rights via the platform than those available through Velos Media and MPEG-LA

07 October 2021

Can the EPO hold on to its world-leading reputation for quality in a ‘new normal’?

Office says digital pivot in the post-covid era provides an opportunity to enhance both quality and timeliness of its services

07 October 2021

Polish Industrial Property Law looks set to undergo a revolutionary makeover

There are a number of projected changes with regard to the Polish Industrial Property Law on the horizon, which aim to overhaul how IP rights are protected in Poland.

06 October 2021

New Ericsson lawsuit is a direct challenge to Apple’s 2019 FRAND manifesto

Swedish company contests iPhone maker's “core principles” on SSPPUs and end-product licensing just two months after its big Fifth Circuit win against HTC

06 October 2021

Supreme Court appeal and legislation possible after latest UK DABUS patent decision

The England and Wales Court of Appeal has ruled that AI-created inventions are not patentable, but that may not be the end of the story

30 September 2021

Nokia’s billion-euro licensing business rests on a quality-focused IP management system

President of Nokia Technologies Jenni Lukander says ISO 9001 certification for portfolio management – believed to be a first for a major in-house patent department – reinforces company’s commitment to patent quality

29 September 2021

Apple threat to leave British market over FRAND royalty is not credible, says judge

Latest decision in the iPhone maker’s long-running dispute with Optis makes clear that there is no reason to believe the company will pull-out of the UK rather than accept a court mandated licensing rate

28 September 2021

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