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AI’s patent challenges are too big to leave to tomorrow

A revolution is taking place at breakneck speed. That means international cooperation is required now to find solutions to what are existential challenges. Failure to act will almost certainly mean it is too late

20 July 2023

AI-powered patent analytics tools are transforming IP professionals' work

“Those who do not utilise new technology in an appropriate manner will be left behind,” says AI-believer Jennifer Burdman, chief IP officer of Valo Health

19 July 2023

CRISPR patent interference overturned by Federal Circuit

SNIPR Biome has five patents revived but more disputes are on the horizon

18 July 2023

UPC adds to need for EPO patent quality improvement, says Siemens’ IP chief

Beat Weibel speaks exclusively to IAM about the future of the Industry Patent Quality Charter

17 July 2023

UPC attracts flood of protective letters in its opening weeks

Pre-emptive letters may have an especially important role to play at the new court

14 July 2023

UPC looks set for first antitrust spat in unusual life sciences dispute

The plot continues to thicken in 10x Genomics’ multi-faceted spat with NanoString

13 July 2023

The EUIPO must understand what taking on SEPs will mean

Any notion that the plans set out in DG GROW’s controversial regulation can be quietly implemented for an audience of largely supportive stakeholders will not survive contact with reality

13 July 2023

Ericsson’s patent strategy is evolving, says VP of global licensing

Exclusive interview with Roy Maharaj on new opportunities for patent monetisation and IP licensing tips

11 July 2023

Apple voting rights expansion triggers 3GPP rule change

To avoid ‘arms race’ among members, world’s most important group of Standards Development Organisations set to introduce new restrictions

10 July 2023

Moderna files Irish lawsuit against Pfizer/BioNTech in ever-expanding covid dispute

Complex web of mRNA patent litigation has now spread to Ireland

07 July 2023

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