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Joel Naegerl

Featured in IAM Global Leaders 2024

16 November 2023

The EU should listen to its Nordic champions, not ignore them

When companies with the innovation and tech leadership credentials of Ericsson, Nokia and Novo Nordisk raise major concerns about Commission proposals, their arguments deserve serious consideration. But it’s not happening. No wonder Europe is losing the global competition race

15 November 2023

Bristol-Myers fighting intense battle to keep Eliquis generics off European markets

What you need to know about one of 2023's most important patent wars

14 November 2023

Auto IP disruption: highlights from IAM’s Munich event

The SEP regulation, depth of expertise and trade secrets were all discussed at this year’s Auto IP Europe

10 November 2023

UKIPO survey suggests SME concerns with SEP licensing landscape

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub 2022/2023

Given the importance of SMEs and small businesses to the United Kingdom’s aspirations in sectors such as the IoT and smart energy, the concerns indicated in a recent UKIPO survey should be heard and taken on board.

07 November 2023

German Stelara injunction is bad news for biosimilars using the EU SPC manufacturing waiver

Munich Regional Court has become the first to wade in on disputes over drugs exports under Europe’s SPC exemption

06 November 2023

Keeping trade secrets "secret" can trump open justice

A recent English Court of Appeal ruling to keep confidential information under wraps offers comfort to IP owners

03 November 2023

UPC builds momentum as SEP battleground with Nokia’s Amazon suits

Finnish company uses UPC-plus-Germany strategy in latest suits which concern SEPs and implementation patents

02 November 2023

EUIPO executive director maintains office has capacity to implement SEP regulation

João Negrão says the organisation is awaiting further development of the patent proposal before commencing substantive work

01 November 2023

Orange, Sisvel SEP assertion wins above-FRAND rate for HTC's unwillingness

The jury verdict sends a message about consequences that unwilling licensees may face in US courts

31 October 2023

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