Region: Europe

Blackberry patent buyer’s US litigation track record

Key Patent Innovations has a scant history of suing in the States, indicating its licensing approach may centre on private negotiations in contrast to the failed purchaser

27 March 2023

IAM is Paris-bound for biggest IPBC Europe ever

Saturday Opinion: IAM editor Rachel Mountain reflects on what is coming up next week in the City of Lights

25 March 2023

Enlarged Board of Appeal fails to offer clear guidance in highly-anticipated “plausibility” opinion

The EBA has not laid out clear rules about when post-filed evidence can be used to demonstrate technical effect

24 March 2023

New BlackBerry portfolio buyers have pedigree – but clock is ticking

The time and expense of launching an assertion programme in untested markets will limit the buyer’s ROI as well as incoming royalties

24 March 2023

NuCana’s big-money damages hopes suffer blow as UK court backs Gilead in European dispute

The High Court of England and Wales has shifted the momentum of the spat, with the EPO Technical Board of Appeal set to hear a related case tomorrow

23 March 2023

InterDigital’s UK setback highlights patent litigation risks

In retrospect, the US R&D and licensing business would surely have preferred to take a hit in order to settle its dispute with Lenovo out of sight and in secret

23 March 2023

Three key takeaways from how the new disproportionality defence is affecting SEP infringement cases

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub

The Munich Regional Court has clarified its stance on the hot topic in German patent litigation, ruling on the new defence in three parallel SEP cases, providing welcome clarity for future litigation strategies.

22 March 2023

New legislation overhauls and their impact on IP litigation

While the codification of remote hearings, a triple exchange of briefs and the simplification of procedures may present new challenges, these new reforms should ultimately bring about positive changes to the justice system by streamlining and modernising procedures.

22 March 2023

What the UK InterDigital v Lenovo decision means for global SEP licensing disputes

Here’s everything you need to know about last week’s landmark ruling

20 March 2023

BREAKING: InterDigital v Lenovo FRAND decision handed down after long wait

Chinese company must pay $138.7 million for global 3G-5G licence, rules English court

16 March 2023

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